Brain fuzz

Hey there lovelies,

So I have been a tiny bit AWOL these last few days, mainly due to the pressures of everyday life piling onto my shoulders…but I am not going to go into that right now!
So consider this my brain fuzz day!

I thought I would play a little ‘what I am doing right now’ + my finds for this week online…mainly because I just can’t my brain working for any intense posts right now ☺

Charlotte is currently –

Watching –
I must admit I am a bit of a Netflix addict…and I am loving the box sets on there ☺ I have started re watching – yes re watching 90210 (what I like it…don’t judge me!) and I have begun watching Sherlock… and I can understand why people love it so much…its awesome!

Wearing –
Sunburn! Yea clever clogs over here decided to go to Bella’s sports day minus suntan lotion…so hello lobster skin! You would think that having pale skin for 29 years and burning when I even think about sunshine…that my brain would tell me to wear lotion, but nooo! It finds amusement in my pain!

Reading –
Oh man I am lucky to get the chance to read a book! I have 3 new books…waiting to be read…this never happens 😔

Doing –
At this second watching Robson Green extreme fishing – on Saturday I started making some baby shoes for a friend


I tell you what the wonders of YouTube never cease – if I read the pattern it wouldn’t look remotely like a shoe..however watching someone make it really helps.
Also I have just started back on my journey to feel healthier in myself – so I am trying to do pilates 5 times a week (if I can)

Alright that’s enough about me.
Let’s move swiftly on to a little collage I made of Bella’s first sports day


She did so good, I was really proud of her.
She did the sack race – which I think is her forte – she didn’t fall once…pretty sure I would have tripped over just trying to get into the sack lol!
However her trousers kept falling down…so we had to do a quick change! Its not my fault she has no waist ☺

Alright, right now I have another blog crush – say hello to an absolutely incredible, inspirational soul – rashae
She is another kindred spirit I have found in the social media world.
A recent post of hers can be found here its a very important topic – rape culture. I urge you to read it, this girl is going to change lives.

Blog crush number 2 – Chantelle – I have spoken of her before, I just love her. That’s it. Don’t need anymore explanation.
She has done a couple of really delicious recipe posts… I mean seriously drooling going on! However, I am going to share this one here where she talks about what she has learned in her life – right on the nose for sure ☺

You all know how much I love Pinterest right?!
Well I thought today was the day to go looking for a new quote cushion for our sofa…what do we think?


Sometimes a fun quote is the best way to go! ☺
I particularly like the irony one, made me laugh out loud!

Before I turn in, I will tell you one thing I have been stressing over –
Alright so last year, about September time – I mentioned to our doctor about a lump behind Ariana’s ear – he thought it was a swollen lymph node, because she had a bad scalp. Gave her some medicated shampoo and sent us on our way.
Its now June – its still there. So we have an appointment to see paediatrics in hospital, in case its a cyst. But my mind has a habit of taking me to worst case scenarios – so I am freaking out thinking the worst you know?!
But in my heart I am positive she will be fine, but as her mum I just can’t help worrying.
Her appointment is next Wednesday so I will keep you posted ☺

Have yourselves a great day/night



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