Tuesday at ten – awaken

Hey guys!

How has your week been?

Mine has been thoroughly eventful as per usual…Sunday night Bella was bouncing around on her bed giving James a right laugh, then whack! She smacks her face on the corner of the bed giving herself a shiner! Then our car failed its mot boo! Followed by paying extra to fix the problem double boo!!
To add to the extra fun we have been having winter in July..yay rain!
All in all an average week in the Cornes household 😊
I will gladly award myself a glass (bottle with a straw!) of wine come tomorrow night 😉

Alrighty, so its time for me to join in with karen and friends with Tuesday at ten – this week we have the word awaken to work with 😊

Question –

How do you awaken each morning?
Or do you just want to  crawl back inside your duvet?

Well I don’t know about you but I wake up with a grateful heart and an open mind.
There have been so many times over the years that I have hoped that I would fall asleep and never wake up.
But I realise that I am worth more than how I view myself.
My mind has awoken to the lies that my ‘voice’ was telling me, allowing me to be more positive.
Now I am grateful to wake up each morning – granted 5am is not my happiest hour 😊


But to wake each day with a fresh page so to speak is pretty awesome.
I have allowed myself to become more aware of me.
To do things for myself.
Allowing myself small moments in the day to crochet or paint my nails.
That little thing people call me time. I am finally giving myself some.
I have awoken myself to the concept of taking care of myself – which I will admit I am terrible at – I am much better at taking care of everyone else’s needs.

But I am learning I guess.
I have allowed that caged little bird called ‘self care’ to be awoken and fly free 😊

I am awake to me! And its OK, I don’t feel bad for taking care of Charlotte for once.

What have you ‘awoken’ to?

Have a great day and wake up happy tomorrow!



Q+A Monday – guilty pleasures

Hey guys!

Hope you have all had a great weekend.

Ours was pretty good to be honest – Saturday the weather was awesome – which was good considering we had a garden party to go to…ok I use the term garden loosely…it was a massive field 😊



Just an example – Wednesday will be dedicated to Saturdays photographs 😉

Alrighty, moving on.
For this weeks Q+A I must admit I was a little stuck for ideas – but then I was have little browse on Spotify earlier and came across ‘guilty pleasure’ songs…hello idea 😊

For those that new my previous blog on blogspot I did a post on similar lines ooh about a year ago now.
But I don’t think you can have enough guilty pleasures 😉

My top 10 guilty pleasures – eek!

1. Rainy days and Mondays by the carpenters –
Now I love the carpenters in general, but this one song makes me feel a bit funny about liking lol!

2. Twiglets –
For those who don’t know, twiglets are basically knobbly Marmite flavoured crispy, sticky things…cleared up?! 😂 I hate Marmite in general I think it’s gross..but I like twiglets weird!

3. Reading people magazine –
I have no apologise for this one!

4. Irish accents –
If you have one I will stare at you..true story 😊

5. mmmbop by Hanson –
Please don’t tell my hubby! As far as he knows I hate it!

6. A league of their own –
Found this on TV when I was maybe 14 and I love it!

7. 13 going on 30 –
Tell me the truth..how can you hate this movie?! Seriously!

8. Patrick swayze in dirty dancing –
Do I need an explanation really?!

9. Nutella –
I tell my hubby I don’t really like it..but I LOVE it!

10. 90210 –
I admit I just rewatched this on Netflix and I could watch it again tomorrow 😊

Alrighty you lovelies tell me what are your guilty pleasures?
How has your weekend been?

Have a great day 💜


FMF – ten

Hey guys,

It’s Friday! Yahoo 😊 which means I can break out the wine later woop woop!
Also it means that it’s time for another five minute Friday.
Which means I am going up with the other bloggers for five minutes of free writing.
This weeks prompt is a toughee – so here goes nothing.

Prompt – ten

Ready, set, go

What can you do in 10 minutes?

As a mum I have mastered the art of showering in 10 minutes, getting dressed and doing my hair in 10 minutes.
Not forgetting making packed lunches in 10 minutes.

But what else can be done in 10 minutes?

Exercise – believe it or not you can do a 10 minute workout!

Get a massage – sounds great to me!

You can make dinner

Have a catnap


Read a chapter of a book

Take a walk

Play a game of cards

But here is something much more important that you can get done in 10 minutes –
You can reach out to a friend in need, offer them your help.
Do some shopping for them
Go and clean their home for them

If you know someone who is poorly, drop them off to their doctors appointment
Maybe pick up any medication they may need
Help them out by doing some laundry

Great thing is these things only take about 10 minutes 😊

Reach out go someone today – use those 10 minutes wisely.


Have a great day,


Inspirational women – Jaime Thurston, founder of 52 lives

Hey there.

Hope you all had a great weekend. 😊
Alrighty guys, last night I was watching surprise, surprise – which is basically I programme that makes me cry floods of tears!
Anyway, I am so glad I didn’t miss last night’s episode – it introduced me to Jaime Thurston.


She is the founder of 52 lives – a charity that aims to change the life of a person every week of the year.
52 lives – check out the site.

Jaime for me just personifies kindness.
The idea to help a stranger out of the kindness of her heart is amazing.
Random acts of kindness are wonderful – it doesn’t even have to be something big -a small act of kindness goes a long way.

A few examples of those she has helped –

• an 85 year old woman was conned out of £1200, thanks to the kindness of 20 people they managed to raise the funds back for her.
• a couple in Scotland brought a new car for a single mother in Australia, to help her take her son to hospital appointments.
• an 8 year old girl suffering from an aggressive brain tumour was given tickets to a show.
• a teenage single mum, was given a laptop to help her get through college.

There are 66 wonderful examples of peoples kindness on the website.
It renews my faith in the kindness of people.
I think that it’s incredible how people will do their utmost to bring a little into someone’s life.

I urge you to check out her website and fb page 😊

Have a great day folks


FMF – free

Hey guys,
Happy Friday!

Yes its Friday yahoo!
6 whole weeks of no school runs…early starts will still be there…but I don’t have to get dressed until lunch..kidding! (Or am I 😉)

Anyway, its time for five minute Friday.
That time of the week where bloggers around the world join together for five minutes of free writing – yup free ☺

This weeks prompt is – free

Ready, set, go.

Do you feel free?


I must admit, I had never thought about it before.
But I do feel free.
Opening up about my past, my mental health and depression – has allowed me this incredible openness and wing expanding freedom that I never had before.
It has allowed me the ability to put my past behind me so to speak and escape the cage I had myself in.

Everything I went through was a bar on that cage.
Each time I talked about a problem, that bar would disappear – finally leaving me with none.
Allowing me an incredible freedom I had never felt before.

Its funny how liberating and freeing talking can be.
Not even talking but writing.

Every time I write about how I feel or about a subject that is really important – I feel free or free-er (it’s a word)

So here is an idea –
Let’s all remove those chains and cages we put around ourselves – and allow ourselves to experience that beautiful freedom that comes from shaking off our pain and flying away to a happier and more open place.



I enjoyed that. Free is a really powerful word.

Have a great weekend folks ☺