Inspirational women – Anne Frank

Hey there!

So after a great deal of thinking, chucking ideas around my head etc I have come back for my inspirational women feature.
I had a lot of thoughts on who I would like to write on – but sometimes its about getting the old grey matter working ☺

With that being said, my brain isn’t quite working today – but I have been holding off writing since Tuesday – so I am giving myself time to do it whilst kiddies are napping 😉

Alrighty then, today I am writing about one of my favourite people/writers – Anne Frank.


Firstly, ask most people and they will have either heard of Anne or read her diary.
She is probably the most known/discussed jewish holocaust victim.

I first read her diary when I was about 11. I now own 2 copies of it.

She was born June 12th 1929 and died at the age of 15 in February 1945 – in Bergen Belsen concentration camp.

In 1942 her family went into hiding – as the persecution of the Jewish people heightened in their home of Amsterdam.
Her diary entries go from June 1942 up until they were captured in 1944.

She put so much into her diary in 2 years.
Writing not only about her thoughts and feelings – teen angst – about her personality compared to those of her family – about her differences with her mother –
I love her honesty, her openness.
In certain aspects she shows maturity beyond her young years.
Her ability to see the good in others despite what she went through is both incredible and awe inspiring


I think what struck a cord with me growing up is that she wrote things that I felt as a teenager – the questions I would ask myself – which drew me even closer to her.
I felt deeply for what her family went through – I couldn’t imagine having to cope with such a situation.
To one day just go into hiding – not being able to say goodbye must have been heart breaking.

But she had this amazing ability to write from her heart – from deep within her soul.
Which is why she is so inspirational to me.
She had so much love, so much compassion, and she believed that everyone has good in them 💜


Have yourselves an awesome day.



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