#30daywriters – 5 inspirational quotes to write on your mirror.

Hey there!

Alrighty, I have discovered a fun challenge – its #30daywriter what’s great is that I am not boxed in to certain topics..don’t get me wrong I love that kind of challenge, but sometimes its nice to spread my writing wings.
This month I plan on writing on a variety of subjects and I am literally just going to jump in today 😊

Before i start, you guys will remember a few weeks back we had problems with James’s lip?!
Well yesterday he ripped his entire frenulum! Boy did it bleed! Queue intense panicking! But unfortunately they don’t do anything for mouth injuries at such a young age…I swear we may as well live in the hospital ☺and its only Tuesday!

Let’s move on shall we…

I thought I would share some quotes that I find inspirational..and I would stick these on my mirror in a shot 😊



This resonates a lot with me. Just lately I have been experiencing really crazy, intense anxiety. My temper has sometimes been somewhat shorter than normal, almost feeling like i am reaching the end of my sanity you know? Reading this puts how I have been feeling into a better place for me…so I can tie a knot in the end if my rope now, to make sure I don’t let go and fall.



This one is great because nowadays its almost always about what you have materially – than about the more important things. My daughter said the other day ‘mummy I need trainers with flashing lights, everyone has them!’ She’s five.. and already materialism is growing you know. But we need to focus on the more important things – who we have in our lives – friends, family..not the most recent gadget! ☺



Yes, yes, yes!!!



I love this quote. It is what I said to myself during my struggles, I sometimes say this to myself at nighttime. It helps me to realise that I have time to move forward, if I have a bad then there is always tomorrow.. just take each day as it comes.



Maya Angelou was a beautiful, smart lady. I could read her words all day, so honest and truthful.

I had so many to choose from, but sometimes you gotta be ruthless!

But tell me what quotes get you through the day?
Or better yet what would you write on your mirror?

Have a great day ☺



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