#30daywriters – 6 things motherhood has taught me

Morning ☺

Alrighty so my well intentioned 2 posts for yesterday didn’t happen… My bad!
Here’s hoping I can stick to my plan today eh?!
This is going to be what I had hoped to write yesterday –

It safe to say everyday something happens that makes me think “yikes I never thought I would say that”!

Here’s my top 6 things motherhood has taught me –

1. There is no such thing as peeing in peace.

Man I hate this, I went upstairs yesterday to get changed – went to the bathroom, barely closed the door when Bella shouted “what are you doing mummy?” My brain shouted “argh leave me alone!!


2. One way or another you will punish your kids for acting just like you!

Just lately Bella is going through this defiant, pain in the butt stage – where she shouts, doesn’t listen and stomps upstairs to her room, where she slams her door! This is basically me in 5 year old form…eek!!


3. It is possible to shower and get dressed in 10 minutes.

This is funny, I have cut my shower time in half and hubby still says I take to long 😂 but when you have kids you can’t leave them for too long in case a) they kill each other (not literally) and b) your house gets destroyed! So you learn to get showered in quick sharp time.

4. No matter how hard you try its impossible to keep your house tidy all day.

I find myself hoovering the carpet 3 times a day or constantly washing dishes…my laundry basket hasn’t been empty for 1 year.


5. Hello yoga pants!

I must admit I have always been a fan of being comfortable in what I wear, so thus is a firm favourite of mine! Get home yoga pants on…hubby hates them, and I am surprised he hasn’t burnt them ☺ I admit though I am not the mum who wears them on the school run (well not all the time)

6. You wear many names

Cook, cleaner, explorer (of lost toys), nurse, dentist, hug giver, taxi driver, personal shopper, psychologist, teacher… The list goes on!

What has motherhood taught you?
Any nuggets you want to share?

Have a great Thursday..don’t worry the weekend is nigh 😉



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