Tuesday at ten – I truly believe

Hey guys!

I’m baaaacck! 😊
Told ya, sometimes I do stick to things I have said earlier on in the day…mainly because James has gone to sleep by himself tonight – he had vaccinations yesterday which made him feel a bit sad.

Anyway, I didn’t realise that I missed the Tuesday at ten linkup last week – not quite sure how that happened mind you….
With that in mind I don’t plan on missing it this time!

You know the drill – joining in with karen over at finding the grace within


I have sat here now for nigh on 30 minutes now thinking what do I truly believe.
I believe in love, kindness, goodness..
But when I really think about it one thing sticks out –
I truly believe in the power of self love.

Its something that resonates with me because self love is one area that I struggle, I suppose that could be why I feel deeply about it.

When you turn the TV on or open a magazine you are bombarded by articles on dieting, get a bikini body in six weeks or as campaigns featuring size 0 models.
It is overall daunting, scary and ultimately it has the ability to suck you in.
To make you believe that you are not good enough unless you have the ‘perfect’ body, flat abs and the dreaded thigh gap.
With quotes such as this


When I look at this I feel sadness.
Why is it so important that we change how we look in order to fit in to society?
For each of us to basically be a copy of everyone else, to fit into a mould.
We are sold the idea that skinny is important, make up makes you beautiful, girls can’t do certain jobs/sports, same with guys.
That it doesn’t matter who you are inside its the outside that matters.

But I digress.
Here is what I believe.

Be yourself. To be happy, be who you really are.
Let people see your quirks, your sense of humour, maybe you short when you laugh ☺ let people see the real you.


I have a loud laugh, a sarcastic sense of humour and yes eyeballs freak me out (don’t ask!) but its who I am.
I like neon nail varnish and live in my jeans, I also am a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe.
I have red hair, freckles and from Irish decent (hello temper!)

But I am being real.
I have had 3 kids, so is my stomach flat…is it heck.
I have stretch marks and left over baby weight, but that’s OK because it reminds me I carried 3 babies in their.
I am not perfect
But I am me.

My self love grows each day, its a long process for me.
Just writing those words made me feel anxious, worried about being judged.

But I refuse to go back and delete them.
I want to be honest and open, that is something I feel is important on the self love journey.


How true is this?
Yes to accepting yourself.
Yes to seeing how beautiful you are.
Yes to being the beautiful person that you are inside and out.

Self love is something I think we all struggle with.
Men and women.
Children and teenagers.

But remember this –

We wake up each day as beautiful as the day before.
Our minds full of ideas
Our hearts full of joy
If you want to stick on jeans and a T-shirt do it! Don’t be afraid of not fitting in.
If you want to skip that hour of hair maintenance and just messy bun it, do it! I do everyday!
If you want to just slick on some lip gloss and leave the rest au natural, don’t be afraid. Just do it.
Don’t let fear hold you back.
Don’t fan the flames of popularity.
Be who you want to be. No regrets.

You are beautiful just as you are.
Put yourself out there. I believe in you.



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