#30daywriters – crochet pinspiration

Hey guys, happy weekend!

Just lately I have gotten into crochet – I find it so much easier than knitting. I could never get my head around it.
But with crochet you only have one hook to worry about ☺

So I have decided to share some pinspiration and some of my finished projects.


I am particularly drawn towards the owl cozy – aren’t they just adorable! I am looking at making a mug cozy ready for winter ☺
I think its really cool that you can crochet clothing – I love the vest and the colour is beautiful.


Now this one purely for fun! I literally love all of these, particularly the beard hat! I am so making one for James ☺ because it is hilarious!

Alrighty, here are some finished projects –


I am particularly pleased with how the blanket and shoes have come out. I like the Bella coco YouTube channel – which is where the blanket came from, the nastazia YouTube channel – which is where the phone case and headband came from, and the bag o’ stuff YouTube channel.
It is the easiest way for me to learn crochet, by watching someone do it ☺

If you have any favourite YouTube channels or crochet websites, please share them I would love to know ☺

Have yourselves a great weekend!



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