#30daywriters – 5 ways to deal with anxiety, naturally.

I am a sufferer of anxiety.
What’s interesting is that people don’t consider anxiety to be an illness, but it is.


Anxiety can be so bad that you don’t leave the house.
Remove yourself from certain social situations.
In my eyes it is part of my depression.

Just the other week I had a a really bad patch of mental anxiety.
I couldn’t sleep, barely ate, and lay on the sofa at night alone, my mind twisting into knots.

But I want to share some good tips for helping with anxiety today – and I hope they really help you.

1. Breathe

This one seems really obvious I know, but I am guilty of speed breathing when I feel anxious. But in order to help you be calm it is a so important to breathe deeply and slowly, bring that heart rate down.

2. Exercise

This one I have not thought of before, but it helps you to use the extra energy that your body produces when you feel anxious. Interestingly by not using it, it will build up making you more nervous. It seems to me this very vital.

3. Reach out

This one is tough for me, as I struggle to talk to others about how I feel. Being an introvert and struggling with anxiety makes it almost impossible for me to reach out. But it is oh so important to speak out.  If you hold on to your feelings, it can make things so much worse.

4. Listen to music

I love music. It helps me to stay calm. In fact when I was in labour with my daughter, and feeling particularly anxious – I put on Alfie boe and it brought down my anxiety levels, calming me down nicely.

5. Stay positive

This isn’t always easy. Being positive when you are feeling poopy is so tough. But if you try to find the positive in a negative situation, you sometimes just have to work hard at it ☺ just smile and say “I am beautiful, and today is going to be OK’

That’s just a few things I do to help with my anxiety levels –


And I help when you are having a bad day with anxiety, that they help you out ☺



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