#30daywriters – what do you fear?

Hey there.

Hope you are having a “happy” Monday.

Alrighty, I have been on a thinking spree…I know, I know dangerous right!
But I have come up with an idea –  ‘Q+A Monday’

Here’s what I am thinking – discuss a subject myself, then open up the question.. Simples 😁

Today I want to talk fears.


Last night, I sat down at 9pm to watch a programme called ‘the outcast’. I hadn’t heard of it before, but its based on a book – anyway I won’t spoil it for you.
However 20 minutes in and a woman drowned – bringing one of my worst fears to the forefront of my mind.
Which got me to thinking about fears and how they make us feel.

Just watching someone I didn’t know, and not even a real person might I add drown in front of me – made me feel really uncomfortable and withdrawn.
If fear makes me feel this way whilst viewing it on a TV screen, I can’t imagine how I would cope with the real thing.

I think if you asked people around you what their fears were – 9 out of 10 would tell you – they fear –
The death of a loved one
Terminal illness.

I must admit I fear most of these things.
Fear can be crippling.
You can’t always face it head on but its always good to try.

What do you fear?
Let’s open this up to Q+A ☺



2 thoughts on “#30daywriters – what do you fear?

  1. My 2 major top contenders and they were real doozies when I was a child were fire and water. Burning alive and drowning. Hate for a boat to be on fire and have to jump into the water. I occasionally step foot in a pool. Do NOT dunk me.

    As for fire, it was so bad, I couldn’t watch tv or movies unless my parents knew what was on it. I was not allowed to watch the towering inferno movie which I love now as my fears aren’t as severe. In my early 20’s I was in a fire and we were stuck by a locked door until someone stopped panicking and through a chair through the windows.

    The fear of heights was a close 3rd. 9/11 die by fire or jumping out the windows. What a terrible dilemma. Death either way, which was worse.


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