Tuesday at ten – if I could change anything..

Hey there!

So apparently the end of the school year creeped up on me, its Bella’s last day tomorrow. Its hard to believe that she has been in school a whole year…my little girl is growing up too fast.


Alrighty then, task at hand!

Its Tuesday at ten time, so I am joining with the bloggers and karen over at finding the grace within
This week we have been given – if I could change anything I would…

I have thought long and hard about this.
In all honesty if I could change anything about my past, I wouldn’t.

I firmly believe that all the events from my past have helped to where I am today.
I think that whatever we have been through, shapes us a person – makes us stronger.

Although as a kid, I would have given anything for my dad to come back…to change that small moment that changed my childhood forever.

But if it had turned out different – maybe I never would have moved to Wales – never met my husband – never had my babies – all these things make me who I am.
I wouldn’t want to change anything, because one small thing could have put a fork in my road – leading me away from my happiness.

All of my moments have happened for a reason – and ultimately led me to Jehovah, for which I am forever grateful.

On the other side of the coin however –

The world today is lying in Satan’s hands and is full of intense suffering and pain.

If I could I would put an end to –

People don’t deserve to go through such suffering – we are loved by Jehovah and I know that he will put an end to mankind’s suffering.

But in reality, even though I would love to put an end to these things I don’t have the power to do this.
I feel incredible empathy towards person and it breaks my heart to witness it.

But I have faith that Jehovah will end it.

So there are 2 sides to my what would I change coin – what about you?

Have a great day



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