FMF – free

Hey guys,
Happy Friday!

Yes its Friday yahoo!
6 whole weeks of no school runs…early starts will still be there…but I don’t have to get dressed until lunch..kidding! (Or am I πŸ˜‰)

Anyway, its time for five minute Friday.
That time of the week where bloggers around the world join together for five minutes of free writing – yup free ☺

This weeks prompt is – free

Ready, set, go.

Do you feel free?


I must admit, I had never thought about it before.
But I do feel free.
Opening up about my past, my mental health and depression – has allowed me this incredible openness and wing expanding freedom that I never had before.
It has allowed me the ability to put my past behind me so to speak and escape the cage I had myself in.

Everything I went through was a bar on that cage.
Each time I talked about a problem, that bar would disappear – finally leaving me with none.
Allowing me an incredible freedom I had never felt before.

Its funny how liberating and freeing talking can be.
Not even talking but writing.

Every time I write about how I feel or about a subject that is really important – I feel free or free-er (it’s a word)

So here is an idea –
Let’s all remove those chains and cages we put around ourselves – and allow ourselves to experience that beautiful freedom that comes from shaking off our pain and flying away to a happier and more open place.



I enjoyed that. Free is a really powerful word.

Have a great weekend folks ☺



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