FMF – ten

Hey guys,

It’s Friday! Yahoo 😊 which means I can break out the wine later woop woop!
Also it means that it’s time for another five minute Friday.
Which means I am going up with the other bloggers for five minutes of free writing.
This weeks prompt is a toughee – so here goes nothing.

Prompt – ten

Ready, set, go

What can you do in 10 minutes?

As a mum I have mastered the art of showering in 10 minutes, getting dressed and doing my hair in 10 minutes.
Not forgetting making packed lunches in 10 minutes.

But what else can be done in 10 minutes?

Exercise – believe it or not you can do a 10 minute workout!

Get a massage – sounds great to me!

You can make dinner

Have a catnap


Read a chapter of a book

Take a walk

Play a game of cards

But here is something much more important that you can get done in 10 minutes –
You can reach out to a friend in need, offer them your help.
Do some shopping for them
Go and clean their home for them

If you know someone who is poorly, drop them off to their doctors appointment
Maybe pick up any medication they may need
Help them out by doing some laundry

Great thing is these things only take about 10 minutes 😊

Reach out go someone today – use those 10 minutes wisely.


Have a great day,



4 thoughts on “FMF – ten

  1. I feel inspired after reading this, so ready to take on the day boldly. Thank you for all the ideas and inspiration. I am your FMF neighbor today. Happy Friday!


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