Q+A Monday – guilty pleasures

Hey guys!

Hope you have all had a great weekend.

Ours was pretty good to be honest – Saturday the weather was awesome – which was good considering we had a garden party to go to…ok I use the term garden loosely…it was a massive field 😊



Just an example – Wednesday will be dedicated to Saturdays photographs 😉

Alrighty, moving on.
For this weeks Q+A I must admit I was a little stuck for ideas – but then I was have little browse on Spotify earlier and came across ‘guilty pleasure’ songs…hello idea 😊

For those that new my previous blog on blogspot I did a post on similar lines ooh about a year ago now.
But I don’t think you can have enough guilty pleasures 😉

My top 10 guilty pleasures – eek!

1. Rainy days and Mondays by the carpenters –
Now I love the carpenters in general, but this one song makes me feel a bit funny about liking lol!

2. Twiglets –
For those who don’t know, twiglets are basically knobbly Marmite flavoured crispy, sticky things…cleared up?! 😂 I hate Marmite in general I think it’s gross..but I like twiglets weird!

3. Reading people magazine –
I have no apologise for this one!

4. Irish accents –
If you have one I will stare at you..true story 😊

5. mmmbop by Hanson –
Please don’t tell my hubby! As far as he knows I hate it!

6. A league of their own –
Found this on TV when I was maybe 14 and I love it!

7. 13 going on 30 –
Tell me the truth..how can you hate this movie?! Seriously!

8. Patrick swayze in dirty dancing –
Do I need an explanation really?!

9. Nutella –
I tell my hubby I don’t really like it..but I LOVE it!

10. 90210 –
I admit I just rewatched this on Netflix and I could watch it again tomorrow 😊

Alrighty you lovelies tell me what are your guilty pleasures?
How has your weekend been?

Have a great day 💜



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