Tuesday at ten – awaken

Hey guys!

How has your week been?

Mine has been thoroughly eventful as per usual…Sunday night Bella was bouncing around on her bed giving James a right laugh, then whack! She smacks her face on the corner of the bed giving herself a shiner! Then our car failed its mot boo! Followed by paying extra to fix the problem double boo!!
To add to the extra fun we have been having winter in July..yay rain!
All in all an average week in the Cornes household 😊
I will gladly award myself a glass (bottle with a straw!) of wine come tomorrow night 😉

Alrighty, so its time for me to join in with karen and friends with Tuesday at ten – this week we have the word awaken to work with 😊

Question –

How do you awaken each morning?
Or do you just want to  crawl back inside your duvet?

Well I don’t know about you but I wake up with a grateful heart and an open mind.
There have been so many times over the years that I have hoped that I would fall asleep and never wake up.
But I realise that I am worth more than how I view myself.
My mind has awoken to the lies that my ‘voice’ was telling me, allowing me to be more positive.
Now I am grateful to wake up each morning – granted 5am is not my happiest hour 😊


But to wake each day with a fresh page so to speak is pretty awesome.
I have allowed myself to become more aware of me.
To do things for myself.
Allowing myself small moments in the day to crochet or paint my nails.
That little thing people call me time. I am finally giving myself some.
I have awoken myself to the concept of taking care of myself – which I will admit I am terrible at – I am much better at taking care of everyone else’s needs.

But I am learning I guess.
I have allowed that caged little bird called ‘self care’ to be awoken and fly free 😊

I am awake to me! And its OK, I don’t feel bad for taking care of Charlotte for once.

What have you ‘awoken’ to?

Have a great day and wake up happy tomorrow!



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