Blogtember – this is me

Hey guys!

So it would appear I have woken up and its September already… sorry what?!

However on the bright side it means blogtember has rolled around again.
Just like last year I am joining in with Bailey Jean over at brave love blog and I am really looking forward to the challenge, it seems like an age since I did anything like this.

Now on day one we introduce ourselves to the bloggers taking part 😊
For those who know me already, who knows you may learn something new 😉

Let’s get going shall we 💜


I am Charlotte, please excuse the forehead wrinkles…I have 3 children 😂😂
It’s now my 2nd blogiversary 🎉
I started as an outlet for my depression and anxiety – but I think I have gradually built myself a sort of writing confidence – I don’t fear certain topics anymore.
I write about motherhood, kids, mental health, body image, bullying, inspirational people.

What can I say about myself?
Hmm, obvious stuff…I am a freckled, red head with a penchant for sarcasm, quick witted jokes and movies.
I am also a stay at home mum to 3 kiddies


Bella – my 5 year old teenager 😉 she is as repetitive as a parrot with a cute personality. My big girl…stop growing, that’s an order!


Ariana – my 2 year old. Always happy, but has a little bit of a naughty streak in her…she pinches her big sister! I smile brightens my day.


James – my baby boy 💜 pretty sure he wraps himself around my finger…in fact I know he does…sorry girls! How could you not let him get away with stuff…look at that face 😍

Hmm what else?!
I have a large space in my brain filled with pointless movie trivia…that I just love to bring up whenever possible…what can I say its my party trick 😉

Over the last 2 years I have been trying my hand at photography – I consider myself amateur, seeing as I haven’t done any courses.
Here are a few favourites.





I must admit I don’t like to pigeon hole myself – but I think I have started to see what I am better at capturing…I think?!
But what I love about it is that it allows me to capture memories.
I love to capture memories in as many forms as I can.

Alright, enough about me..more about you!

Ooh I can’t wait to meet all you guys that are going in this months challenge 😊 it is fun!
I look forward to learning more about you all!

Have yourselves a great day,




FMF – alone

Happy Friday folks!

An end to another week, and surprisingly the summer holidays – yes the schools are back on Wednesday..already 😲

But enough about the impending doom of school…

Its that time of the week where I join in with five minute Friday – my favourite time 😊
Where a group of bloggers spend five minutes flexing their creative muscles with some free writing.

This week – alone

Ready, set, go

I have been there.
In the ultimate height of loneliness.
Where the weight of it crushes you.
Where your head tells you that you deserve to be alone.

In the sense of having people I had them around me.
But my loneliness was mental.


My depression caused me to shut myself off from people
I made myself alone.

I believed that I didn’t deserve company, kindness, love.
We carry our own hurt and pain
But it needn’t be that way.

I have learned that sharing is the ultimate key for loneliness.
To never feel like my troubles are burdensome.
Sharing makes me feel less alone.

Sharing in prayer
Spilling my guts to a friend
Writing my thoughts in notebooks.

I cannot help but think of those who struggle as I have and still do.
Locking themselves in a metaphorical box.
Listening to the lies inside their heads – believing that nobody loves them, they don’t deserve friends…being alone is how they should stay.

Let us try not to feed that burning fire inside our heads –
Believe in ourselves – love ourselves – try to turn the volume down on that mean little voice inside that denies us our happiness.

If you suffer at all – you have a friend in me.
You aren’t alone



The most amazing zucchini and blueberry bread recipe


So in the last year hubby and I have started growing our own veggies.
To be honest we weren’t sure how well they would do, but we have been pleasantly surprised.

In the last few weeks there has been an abundance of courgettes/zucchini which I love!
I could literally eat them with anything, eggs..pasta you name it.

Anyway there have been so many that I couldn’t eat them quick enough.
So Pinterest once again came to my rescue, with this recipe I found – check it out here

The great thing about it is takes minimal ingredients – all of which I actually had in my cupboard.
It was so ridiculously moist – it could very well be my new thing I make all the time 😊

If you like blueberries, this is for you!
Trust me you can’t even tell it has zucchini in it!

Have a great day,


Tuesday at ten – words

My stress levels have been up super high this last week – and I don’t really know why…so I had a thought whilst in town earlier this morning – anti-stress colouring.
I plan on giving it a try, see how I get on. 😊

That’s what I have been doing this weekend, what about you?

So I am sitting here with a small glass of raspberry mead and a bowl of kettle chips…trawling Pinterest for some of my favourite quotes to share with you for this weeks Tuesday at ten.

We all know how addictive Pinterest is don’t we 😊 I have literally been on it for and hour…

But I did it I found all my favourite quotes – and I am rather the quote queen 😉






Why do I love these quotes?
They all say the same message for me.
They are quotes that help me when I have a bad day.
Helped to reach in and pull me out of a dark day when I saw no light.

They tell me that no matter what, I matter.
That I can use my writing to push away fear and doubt.
That if today is bad, then I still have tomorrow.

That I am freaking good enough, and I don’t need to keep trying prove myself to other people.
That being myself is awesome, and not to be ashamed of who I am.

That I need to quit criticising myself and take the stairs leading to happy, joyous self love.

That I don’t need to apologise for being my freckly, sarcastic, red headed self.

These quotes are my motivation to being myself!

What do you live by?


FMF – find

Hey folks!
Happy Friday.. Yahoo its wine-day!

Which also means its five minute Friday time ☺
I know I missed last weeks but I had no Internet access…boo!!

Anyway it’s time to join in with a plethora (I like that word..kinda rolls off the tongue) of writers over at and enjoy five minutes of free writing – which I loove (the extra o is for emphasis!)
Man I am waffle-y today 😊

Alright, let’s get going shall we?

Today’s prompt is find.

Ready set go.

In everyday I try to find memories.
To photograph small moments, so I don’t miss anything.
Before you know it a moment if not captured can become a forgotten memory, forever lost.


I find the more you look for moments to capture the more you find.

Just last week we went to a museum – and had I not been looking I would have missed Bella teaching me about the welsh names of animals..which is now locked inside my memory bank to look back on when she is all grown up.

I find that it’s the small moments we forget to focus on – often the most cherished of moments.

I can remember the last time I sat on my dads knee before we lost him – a big moment for sure.
But I find it hard to remember what he looks like, sounded like, smelt like.

So now I like to find as many memories in my days as I can possibly find – I don’t want to miss a thing.
I don’t want to look back and think “boy, I wish I had done more, took more photos, wrote things down”

I find my heart feels full, happy, joyful to know I am doing all I can to create memories for myself, my hubby, my kids…heck even my (future) grandkids.

Let’s collect moments, memories.
Find happiness in the time we spend with our loved ones.


Find is a surprisingly hard word to write about.
But I think I worked it lol!

Enjoy your weekend ☺