FMF – try

Hey guys!

Alright I know am a tad late with this weeks five minute Friday – of which I have no reason for 😩 sorry!!!

So I I am taking some time out now to focus my mind and get my post written – I procrastinate way to much 😊

You know the drill – I am joining up with kate and friends in five minute Friday

This weeks prompt – try

Ready, set, go


How true is this?!

I must admit through my life I have either not tried something of of fear or given up trying because I feel I will fail.

So many times I have told my daughter how can you say you don’t like something if you don’t try it?’
But it is not something I actually do.

If we don’t try how can we assume failure?
Sometimes it will take a few tries before you succeed.
If you take up a new sport you can’t expect to be a dab hand at it straight away – it takes consistency and a lot of tries.

When I was a teenager – I gave badminton a try.
Long story short after a few lessons/tries I didn’t feel I was improving so I gave up.
I also took gymnastics classes – I had a fear of trying tumbling – so I gave up without trying.

But can I honestly say I tried?
No I can’t, because I didn’t.

But as I have grown older – I find myself trying new things – crochet for example.
The first few things came out weird looking – but I didn’t give up

Most importantly, whilst trying to get through my dark days – I spent each day trying to get myself out f bed, trying to smile for my kids.
I admit it took a few tries but I didn’t give up.

It is so important to try things. Be they new or moving away from the past

Write down a quote to help you boost that confidence –

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again”
“Don’t worry, we can try again tomorrow”
“Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try”
“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”

Don’t forget to try and smile today
Be a rainbow on a cloudy day.


Have a great Sunday



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