Dear Bella – 5 years old

Oh goodness, I hoped this day would never come – you growing up!
But it has crept up on me faster than I had hoped.


I remember the very first moment I met you.
I counted your fingers and toes…you know just to be sure.
I hugged you close and took in every part of you – its true what they say the new baby smell is intoxicating.

You took us from a couple to a family.
You were such a tiny thing I worried you might break.
You stole my heart


It’s hard to think 5 years have passed since we first met – you are now a head strong, fiery, hilarious little girl.
You never stop talking!
You are constantly eating!
And let’s be honest right now you are in a close relationship with the naughty chair 😊

As I write this you are bossing your sister about, trying to get her to do what you want – but she is just as stubborn as you!

Let’s you aren’t this stubborn in your teen years…wishful thinking perhaps 😊

You love books, dancing to music videos, singing Elsa and running around the house.
Just the other week you painted me 15 pictures…just for fun 😊
I hope this doesn’t change.

Enjoy being 5 baby girl, you will always be my baby girl.


Mummy xx


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