Tuesday at ten – who am I?

Hey guys!

So you may have noticed my slight absence these last few days…well we had a weekend away as a family at our annual convention of Jehovah’s witnesses.
So I tried to limit my distractions so to speak.
But I’m baaackk!! 😊

So I am going to squeeze in my Tuesday at ten post before I miss out 😊
After last weeks topic of a letter to myself – which is really tough to write! This week we get to tell everyone a little bit about ourselves…although I am sure you can’t wait to hear more about me 😉

I am going to make this 15 things about Charlotte list!

1. I am learning photography. I consider myself an amateur, but learning is such fun –



2. I am an introvert. So basically, I am rather quiet and shy until I get to know a person..which makes people assume I am grumpy.

3. I know how to tap dance 😊

4. I feel strongly about anti bullying. Having been bullied, I don’t want to see anyone suffer as I and others have.

5. I am all about random acts of kindness. You never know how a small act of kindness will help or affect someone’s life. Like giving a homeless person some food. Change the world one act of kindness at a time.

6. I am somewhat obsessed with pregnancy and birth related programmes..one born every minute, call the midwife 😊 I love it..yes even after 3 kids.

7. I have read the diary of Anne frank roughly 20 times since my childhood, I always looked at her as this wonderful, articulate, kind hearted young girl – that many could learn from.

8. I once persuaded my mum to let me buy some chanel no5 because I read Marilyn Monroe used to wear it.

9. I am I huge Disney fan, I love the princesses…but my favourite film is robin hood 😊

10. I am not one for make up. But I wear it sometimes


11. I collect things…hubby calls me a hoarder I am not though! I collect shells, pebbles, DVDs and magazines. Although when I write it down it’s seems a lot!!

12. I will give what I can to help others. I don’t like to see people suffer, or struggle in any way. My heart breaks for those in pain and suffering.

13. I have grown up singing around the house, taking dancing lessons, drama classes and starring in several pantomimes – I have always loved performing..which is a bit odd for an introvert!

14. I am a big fan of rugby.

15. Most importantly I am myself. I am flawed but I am not afraid to be who I am. I am rather proud to put myself out there and honestly be myself around people.

I must admit although I am not one for talking about myself too much, I rather enjoyed sharing a piece of myself with you all today.

That’s a little of who I am!

Who are you? 😊



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