Tuesday at ten – words

My stress levels have been up super high this last week – and I don’t really know why…so I had a thought whilst in town earlier this morning – anti-stress colouring.
I plan on giving it a try, see how I get on. 😊

That’s what I have been doing this weekend, what about you?

So I am sitting here with a small glass of raspberry mead and a bowl of kettle chips…trawling Pinterest for some of my favourite quotes to share with you for this weeks Tuesday at ten.

We all know how addictive Pinterest is don’t we 😊 I have literally been on it for and hour…

But I did it I found all my favourite quotes – and I am rather the quote queen 😉






Why do I love these quotes?
They all say the same message for me.
They are quotes that help me when I have a bad day.
Helped to reach in and pull me out of a dark day when I saw no light.

They tell me that no matter what, I matter.
That I can use my writing to push away fear and doubt.
That if today is bad, then I still have tomorrow.

That I am freaking good enough, and I don’t need to keep trying prove myself to other people.
That being myself is awesome, and not to be ashamed of who I am.

That I need to quit criticising myself and take the stairs leading to happy, joyous self love.

That I don’t need to apologise for being my freckly, sarcastic, red headed self.

These quotes are my motivation to being myself!

What do you live by?



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