Blogtember – day 3 – my blog

Hey guys,

As I write this my right leg is propped up on my coffee table…in agonising pain. Not a clue what I have done mind you – every time I step on it or walk down stairs pain shoots down from knee to toe.
Stupid thing!
Which is a nightmare when you kids to run around after…awkward!

Waffle over 😊

So the prompt for today is to create a mood board that describes my blog.



So until today I guess I have never really put myself in a certain blogging niche so to speak.
But then looking at my boards here – I got to see there is a sort of pattern to my blog.
I tend to write about things that move, things that are important to me –
Self esteem
Anti bullying
Body image
Mental illness

But I also write about things that make me happy
My kids
Inspirational women

and I take part in a couple of writing challenges in the week – Tuesday at ten and five minute Friday.

I guess to look at my mood board it wouldn’t strike you as somewhat cheerful – however look beneath the surface and you will find that I try my best to put my experiences to good use.
My heart is always on my virtual sleeve.

I look forward to learning about everyone’s blogs 😊



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