Blogtember – day 4 – what are your passions?

Hey guys!

Alright who has the Friday feeling?!
I know I do…ish!
Apart from feeling lousy more than one way.

I tell you what I am loving the prompts so far – I mean talk about questions that make my brain work!

Alright, so today is my passions..ironically today’s photo a day prompt was ‘my passion’ so I have been thinking hard about this for sure.


1. My faith


Growing up I never had much of a belief in God. I was brought by a catholic mum and an atheist dad. In 2006, I started studying with Jehovah’s witnesses and I haven’t looked back. I was baptised in 2010 after the birth of my daughter – and I have never felt happier.
I love Jehovah greatly, I am truly grateful for the sacrifice that Jesus made dying for our sins. It’s truly amazing how much I learn each time I read the bible – I literally learn something new each time I read.

2. Photography


Ah photography…I could literally take pictures all day everyday.
I always find if I don’t have my camera with me, then it is guaranteed I will miss I golden nugget 😊 and that would make me kinda sad!
I think my constant shutterbugging is already annoying my kids…sigh!
Ah well my house my rules lol!

3. My family


My family are my world – and I love them to the moon and back. Nuff said 💜💜

4. Books


As a child I loved the book Matilda. I will readily admit that as a child it helped to discover many new book titles. Since then, my love of books has grown into an incredible passion..I also have a huge collection. I know that you can digitally read books – but I love everything about books, the smell, the feel…😊 to this day I still but books – for me a bookstore feels like home. Books have always helped escape reality so to speak 😊

5. Crochet


A new addition to my passions. I have the many joys of crochet. You can make pretty much anything with crochet – in fact I made my daughter a dress just last month


It took me a month mind you. But what’s wonderful is its an outlet for my creativity. I am a huge believer in creativity – its so important to allow your creativity free 😊

Those are my 5 passions – I will admit that it was rather hard for me to choose 5. I have rather a lot of things I am passionate about – but I talk about them so often, I wanted to try something different.

Have yourselves an amazing Friday 💜



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