FMF – yes


I admit I am a bit late, but I didn’t want to not do it this week, what with  blogtember and all!

So to mix things up a bit I am going to try and stick to my routine… ish!!

You guys know the drill – I am joining in with Kate and friends for five minutes of free writing.

This weeks word – yes


Are you a yes man?
When people ask you for a favour what do you say?
I will readily admit I am a yes man.

I don’t like saying know – I worry about letting people down, you know.
I feel slightly uncomfortable saying no.

Don’t get me wrong when it comes to my kids, I am relatively strict – I am not a yes mum 😊
I find it hard to say no to friends.
I like to do whatever I can go help others.

But is it a good thing?
Is constantly saying yes – going to be good for me/you?
Sometimes it is somewhat stressful.

The constant need to please people. It is quite exhausting. Putting everyone ahead of myself.

Here is something I need to try –
Saying yes to myself
Saying yes to being myself
Saying yes to loving myself
Still saying yes to spreading kindness, but not always saying yes to requests 😊

Say yes to you –
It will be hard at times – with this almost compulsion I have to please people. But my heart is saying yes to knowing I can’t please everyone.

Am I a yes man?
Yes – but not for too long 😊


That’s my 5 minutes.
Yes is a surprisingly tough word to right about.
Oh my word I struggled.. But I got there in the end!

Have a great day,



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