Blogtember – day 7 – what’s in a name?

Hey there!!

How are y’all today? (Ooh how American of me!)
I believe it’s labour day in america today?! Not that I have a clue what it is…all I have learned from movies is you don’t wear white after it…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Anyway…that’s my daily waffle 😊

So today as part of blogtember we are asked to discuss our blog name…reason behind it etc.

Welcome to – inside Charlotte’s mind.

When I first started my blog 2 years ago I think I changed my name maybe twice before settling on the name I have day.
In fact I am not sure if I can even remember the name I started out with….is that bad?
Then I changed to inside mamas mind, before settling –
This was how I looked 2 years ago –


But why inside Charlotte’s mind you ask?
Well, in all honesty – I never thought much about I until today…yikes I am not good at this lol!

Having sat here today thinking about it, I came to certain realisations –

1. I write about what I think, how I feel, what moves me, what inspires me.
2. I write about my depression and experience with mental illness (which is a peek into my mind)
3. I don’t spend much time talking about my feelings – so I write them down. Therefore emptying my mind.
4. My mind is always so full – so I use this outlet to empty it somewhat.

I often find I write about things that are so important – yet overlooked
Mental illness

Not long ago I wrote about Lisa lynch – who fought so hard against cancer, which unfortunately was a battle she lost (read here) – I found her story so moving and incredible I had to write about it – I had to urge others to make sure they were getting checked – in my mind her story needed to be told.

It how would I define my blog via my name?
Inside Charlotte’s mind is –
Being yourself
Loving yourself
Sharing inspiration
Sharing thoughts from deep inside my heart and mind to help others if I can.
It is my heart poured out.

My mind holds as much love as my heart – and I share out of love.

I want to continue to share my thoughts, to help others who suffer or struggle in silence.
I want people to know they have a friend in me.


Oh before I go, quick update on miss Bella –
She is her usual cheerful self, I think maybe it was more traumatic for her dad and I.
On the up side she got to have a rest day off school today..watching hairspray on telly…


Have a great day,



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