Blogtember – day 10 – bucket list

Hey there!

I can’t believe it’s day 10 already, is it me or has time just flown by?
It’s me right?! 😊

Anyway, I have had such fun with today’s post – tell us 10 things from your bucket list.
In November last year I wrote my bucket list (read it here) – if I am honest I am about ready to add some more to it….until then though here are 10 things from my list.
I chose randomly and not strategically 😊
It was kind of an eyes closed and point at the screen type situation lol!

1. Go tree camping


Now I am the first to admit that I am not particularly adventurous – in fact camping is down near the bottom of the list of things I enjoy. But something about this drew me in, I don’t know why but it makes me feel an adrenaline rush just looking at the picture 😊

2. Visit Hobbiton


This one is a no brainer for me – I am a huge LOTR nerd.
I would live there if I could. The end.

3. Post a letter on Juliet’s wall.


This brings out my inner romantic. I basically learned about this from the movie ‘letters to juliet’. Thousands of people visit Juliet’s house every year and leave love notes on the wall and balcony. I find the whole idea delightfully romantic πŸ’œ

4. Try paddle boarding


Is it me or does this look like a ton of fun?!

5. Have a glitter fight


There are many things you could through around or at each other…I don’t mean heavy things to throw at your loved one when they make you cross! But more like paint, tomatoes, or in my case glitter 😊 I think it sounds like such fun…although removing the glitter from everywhere after would be a task…but let’s not spoil the fun with things like cleaning! πŸ˜‰

6. Make a sheet fort


Remember as a child when you would drape a blanket of 2 chairs then sit underneath it? That little place was a place of solitude, you would eat there, maybe even sleep there. This is the same concept but on a much bigger scale..and outside..hello giant slumber party!

7. Dive the great barrier reef


OK I can’t swim, I can’t dive and I live in Wales. But I have always wanted to explore the great barrier reef, to discover the many species of sea life that live its beautiful.

8. Ice skate in central park


I have never ice skated before. But its something I have always wanted to do. The whole whimsy and beauty of ice skating in central park speaks to my inner romantic again..skating around holding hands with hubby..surrounded by falling snow…and the romantic novel writes itself πŸ’œ

9. Meet every Disney princess


Because I am a massive disnerd (wait did I just start a sentence with because?!) I have always loved Disney. I collect Disney movies. My favourite you ask? Robin hood. Favourite princess? Ariel. What about you?

10. Dance in the rain


Do you know what, I said these were not strategically chosen…but it would seem my brain had other ideas…I am seeing a slight romantic pattern here! I think I got this idea from watching one too many movies, but all the same if sounds incredibly fun and exhilarating. This is one I could do almost everyday in Wales, and yet I haven’t…weird!!

Alright guys, that’s my 10.
I am looking forward to –
a. Checking out other people’s bucket lists
b. The possibility of potential ideas to add to mine!

Have a great day,



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