Tuesday at ten – what I love about myself?

Hey there,

I realise in my haste to keep up with the blogtember challenge I have neglected Tuesday at ten – this was never my intention, and if makes me really sad!

So I am going to make up for that right now.
Unfortunately, this weeks prompt is a tough one!!

But here goes nothing.

What do I love about myself.


Those who visit my blog often will know I am not great at giving myself personal boosts or just generally thinking nice things about how I look.
I am always there to boost others up, writing posts about the importance of self love and body image – but I am lacking in ‘personal’ self love. I can dish out but can I do the same for myself?!

So I have thought deeply about this –
What I love about myself…

My red, curly hair – used to be bottom of my list…not anymore

My freckles – growing up freckles were a rare sight, I have learned that they make me special and are what make me who I am.

I am a goof ball – Not all the time, I guess being an introvert its somewhat challenging for me to be very open in a fun way – but I can be a huge goof 😊

My sense if humour – hello sarcasm! 😉

My passion

My strength

My fire

My courage

My heart, my love for others.

And now I feel all awkward and weird inside having just written nice things about myself!
So thus is where I am going to sign off…man this is harder than I anticipated.
It may be a small post, but it took all I had.

Love you all,



2 thoughts on “Tuesday at ten – what I love about myself?

  1. These are a lot of wonderful things to love about yourself! And they are what makes you the person that you are…I have trouble too saying “nice” things about myself; or even thinking about myself. Just posted mine; I’m with you, too; I’ve been doing Blog-tember and getting so overwhelmed…but persevered; and we BOTH were able to get one done!!


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