Blogtember • day 17 • obsessed much 😊

Look its Thursday, Friday is just around the corner hurrah!
Yay for the weekend – yay for world cup kick off!!
Bet you didn’t know I am a rugby fan 😊
It’s not an obsession, but I love it!

Speaking of obsessions…today’s prompt is current obsession.. Ha see what I did there lol!

Hello, my name is charlotte.
I am a crochet addict.


Just last month I made this dress for miss Bella – it took me a good 5 weeks, and yet I didn’t get bored…what?!

I think what I find great about it is I can watch TV and crochet at the same time 😊
Just today, I started a new project –


I am getting my granny square on – quite possibly the easiest thing to crochet (it takes practice – but what doesn’t?)
I am finding myself absentmindedly reaching for my yarn box.
Man I am an addict…yikes!

I will keep you posted on my blanket project 😊

Have a good one,




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