Blogtember • day 24 • lovely bloggers

Hey guys,

So I am going to share my favourite blogs today – such fun!
I love discovering new blogs, reading other people’s thoughts and feelings and learning about things I didn’t know.

Discovering a new creative, crafty blog!
Finding a wonderful, passionately written piece.
Finding a fun photography blog that will inspire me.

The Internet is full of many blogs, on many subjects.

Here are my top 5 –

Chantelle Ellem – fat mum slim
Ahh one of my favourite Aussie bloggers 😊
I have been a huge fan of chantelle’s for a while now.
She is a busy mum of 2 girls (that hate sleep!)
Her blog was the first I ever read, I was hooked by the 2nd sentence!

She blogs on so many things from – photography to food, and a bit of travel and all with her wonderful sense of humour.
Check her blog out if you like to read posts on anything and everything, and totally enjoy every word!

Sarah Jayne – bella coco
Say hello to my favourite crochet vlogger!
Thanks to Sarah’s YouTube tutorials I have learned to crochet.
She blogs on skincare, interiors, diy, lifestyle and crochet.

Also  Sarah is a newlywed – so if you are a wedding fiend like me check out her wedding post 😊

Anastasia Sproull – anastasia amour
I have been following Anastasia’s blog for about a year now – and I love her.
I love her honesty, her openness, her passion.
She isn’t afraid to tell you how it is with no sugar coating – which I love.
She blogs on body image, self love, about being an anorexia survivor and body confidence.
I can hand on heart say that I say yes to all her honesty and truth.
She say things that people are afraid to say – and I applaud her for it.

Helen – i will bloom
A blogging friend I discovered during last years blogtember challenge.
Helen is quite possibly one of the strongest women I have come across in a long time.
Her courage, bravery and kind heart are obvious throughout her writing.
She has a frank openness to her posts that is truly refreshing.
She is a woman that I admire greatly.

Britney – all things britney lee
Last but most definitely not least, my friend Britney.
Another lovely lady I met during last years blogtember challenge.
We are almost kindred spirits/separated at birth when it comes to music, personality and sense of humour – its just a shame we live so far apart, pretty sure we would be besties!
Britney is incredible at seeing – checkout her maleficent costume on her blog if you don’t believe me 😉
She blogs about style, sewing and diy to name a few –
Love her, love her blog.

That’s my favourite blogs.

What are yours?



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