FMF – doubt

It’s fri-yay!
How have I just discovered this word?!
Hello new favourite word 😊

On another great note it’s five minute Friday.

This weeks prompt – doubt

Ready, set, go….


Doubt is a vicious cycle.
It will eat you up in an instant.
Surround you and pull into its web.

Take one step towards it and you may fall down a slippery slope, forever struggling to escape its clutches.

Doubt is damaging.
Doubt holds us back from our dreams.
Doubt is the destroyer of spontaneity and joy.

It will hold us back from the things we love, often making is want to live a more hidden or shy existence.
Too afraid to live our life how we want to.

Doubt has held me back from so much – I am my worst critic.
Doubt is harsh and mean.

Self doubt is an awful thing, and needs a swift kick in the butt.
Don’t doubt your ability
Don’t doubt who you are, what you are capable.
Don’t doubt your beauty and worthiness.

Easier to say, but doubt makes it harder to do.

But let’s give doubt the ‘get lost’ treatment today – kick it in the pants and crush it.


Hooray, first fmf I have done for a while 😊
Have a beautiful weekend,



3 thoughts on “FMF – doubt

  1. Charlotte, we have missed you. So much THIS: “But let’s give doubt the β€˜get lost’ treatment today – kick it in the pants and crush it.” Visiting from FMF where I’m parked in the #11 spot.

    Liked by 1 person

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