1. New quay, Wales – the in laws visited this weekend and we spent a few days in new quay, which is one of my favourite seaside places…not only that it is full if wonderful photo opportunities.

2. The secret garden – a cute little walk not far from our front door. Full of beautiful flowers, statuesque trees and interesting art sculptures.

3. Weekend walks – caught my girls walking along holding hands, which is incredibly adorable.

4. Where’s Wally – introducing Bella to the joys of where’s Wally…a classic for most 90’s kids..making a comeback (I hope) she found him twice..well impressed!

So this is my first one+four for a while now, I rediscovered it via helen who tells us there is a new blog hosting the linkup isabel
I look forward to joining in again yay!



4 thoughts on “One+four=life

  1. Hi Charlotte! Thanks for joining in with One + Four = Life, great to have a few more people on board. Wow, Wales, what a beautiful place to live. I like the sound of the secret garden near you (that flower is stunning) and New Quay looks like a peaceful place. Would love to visit one day. I went to Wales back in 2005 but only for a few days, and it feels so long ago now. I’m a big fan of Gavin and Stacey, and that always makes me want to visit Wales. Do people there really put curry sauce on chips? And say ‘Oright how’s it goin oright?’ Your daughters are very sweet. I used to love Where’s Wally as a kid! There was even a TV show which my brothers and I watched religiously. Such great books for kids. Great to ‘meet’ you and find your blog, and hope to see you next week on One + Four = Life! x

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    • Hi, thank you for popping in! Newquay is generally peaceful… So long as its not peak tourist season 😊
      Unfortunately yes they do have curry sauce and chips ( I don’t..its gross!) You will be pleased to know that some welsh people do speak like that 😂
      I used to love where’s Wally too, its great fun searching for him!
      I am glad I discovered you blog too, look forward to reading more from you and joining in more 💜

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