Blogtember • day 30 • farewell loves


Hey y’all!

We have reached the end of blogtember.
It’s been as enjoyable as it was last year 😊

I sit here writing this with a cup of tea (how British) and Great British bake off on the TV (my Wednesday night go to!)…and girls I have broken out my autumn woolly socks!

Alright, let me start off by thanking Bailey for once again delighting and inspiring with wonderful prompts for the month, and for hosting the 2nd blogtember challenge.

Secondly, I am grateful for meeting new lovely bloggers that I know I will be following for years to come.
I am also thankful for the incredible, encouraging and inspiring bloggers that took part in this challenge.

That’s my thank yous out the way –

But remember dear friends this is not goodbye…but see you later (tomorrow probably)
We now get to keep moving forward, we keep blogging, we keep plodding along.

I don’t know about you guys but I am starting another challenge tomorrow… What am I crazy?! Possibly…
I am joining in with kate who does the five minute Friday prompts – and doing her 31 day prompt challenge.

Also I got some ideas from yesterdays blog topic prompt that I would like to try – watch this space sweeties 💜

As I come to the end of my tea, I also come to the end of my post.

So here I am sending you virtual across the ocean/Internet hugs and a ton of love.
Keep blogging
Keep being amazing
I will be watching 😉
Ha! I am so creepy 😂 but I love you all




One thought on “Blogtember • day 30 • farewell loves

  1. Just popping in to say hello. You’re beside me on the 31 days link list at Kate’s. I’m married to a redhead, although both my daughters are blonde. I was sure I’d have redheads…maybe my grands one day. I lived in the UK for six years and left a piece of my heart there when we returned stateside in 2009. I’ll come back this month and read some of your 31 posts. Going to do my best to get to all 31 prompts. Good luck with the challenge!

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