Tuesday at ten – Patience

Morning lovies,

Oh my goodness it has been far too long since I have joined in with Tuesday at ten – and for this I am feeling terrible.
Karen works so hard to create the link up each week and I haven’t been making enough effort to make my posts in time –
So I plan to change that like right now!

You know how it goes – joining in with the link up with Karen

I remember being told as a child – patience is a virtue
But let me tell you a secret..patience is not my strong point.
In fact I suck at being patient.
I am somewhat lacking in that area…which as a parent is probably not a good thing.

But something that is important, in order to teach our kids patience 😊


It is so easy to lose our minds up when our patience wears thin.
But doing so can leave you with regrets.

How can we show patience?

Don’t get exasperated at that old dear walking slowly in front of you.

Keep calm if you are in a slow moving queue in the supermarket.

Try not to get cross when your 5 year old repeats a juice request for the 12th time in 10 minutes.

Patience is not raising your voice….something I need to learn.
Patience is not muttering profanities under your breath..when you are stuck in traffic.


As it is something I daily work on – I am afraid I cannot offer you any nuggets of wisdom today.

One thing I will leave you with is this –

Just breathe. Patience is an action…just a calm one 😉


One+four = life – old leaves, newborns and kissy faces


It’s time to say hello to the beginning of another week…and its the half term holidays…which I like, but I don’t (all you mama’s will understand what I mean!)
So expect a lot of indoor activities in next weeks one+four 😊

As per I am joining in with Isabel and the one+four link up.

This week has been quite interesting, there have been a few ‘firsts’ for James – which I will get to in a minute 😊


1. Kissy faces –
I am rather proud to say that I taught James a new trick this week…now usually when I put him down to sleep I blow him a kiss..he has just started to copy my and doing it back 😊 because apparently he doesn’t melt my heart already! Darn his cuteness 😊 its almost as if he knows how to wrap me around his finger…💜


2. Old leaves –
Alright I know I am always taking about autumn right now…but come on who doesn’t love jumping in leaves, throwing them in the air and generally admiring their crunchiness?!
My name is charlotte and I am addicted to crunchy leaves..there I said it 😊
Also we gathered some up to do some leaf art 😊


3. Newborns –
Now don’t worry I have gone loopy and had a fourth child…yikes even joking about makes me shiver 😂
No, no a friend of mine had a little boy a week ago – and naturally I had to a) drop off some of James’s old stuff and b) go and coo over said baby.
Now let me tell you I am one of those people for whom babies are their kryptonite – I just wish the baby stage lasted longer!
Look at my boy here next to little Norm – he doesn’t look like a baby anymore 😢
One thing I should mention – James tried to sit on Norm just after I took this picture… I think he was trying to tell him off for stealing his mama lol!


4. Quirky habits –
I have always known I like collecting beach pebbles/stones – its not exactly something secret 😊
But having just found more of them in one of my drawers upstairs I realised its almost a habit.
In fact I always bring a piece of the beach home with me – which also showed me that I love the beach more than I thought!
Above is just one small jar of them 😊
Do you have a quirky habit/collection?

Have a great week lovelies

I will try 😊 yikes!


Embrace your beauty


A 5 letter word.
A seemingly simple word.
But beauty means different things to different people.


I will openly admit that I have never looked at myself and thought I was beautiful.
I think being the only teenager in my school with freckles and red, curly hair – I felt like I wasn’t beautiful because I didn’t look the same as everyone else.

There is my point right there, right before I even get started here – I wanted to be like everyone else.

I had this idea in my head that being blonde or brunette with long straight hair and a size 6 would solve all my problems.

I started taking epilepsy medication when I was 12 – which caused my appetite to increase and I gained about 2 stone over several years.

After going through years of anorexia followed by sudden weight gain my self esteem just fell through the floor.
But the worst thing I could do was compare myself to other people.

What is beauty to you?
Do you look in the mirror each morning and see yourself as beautiful?

Well you should. I should. We all should.

With the distorted and photo shopped images we are drowned in each day it’s no wonder that when we view ourselves – we see something different than what everyone else see’s


I firmly believe that it’s the images in the media that help to fuel the fire of eating disorders, low self image and low self-esteem.. to name but a few.

In the last week I read about Zendaya – she found out her photo bad been photo shopped without her permission


I don’t see anything wrong with the original image. Do you?
However, it has been made thinner, tanner and hips slimmed down…but for what reason?
To sell magazines?
To sell products?

But what they don’t know is these images are what influence women – making them feel inadequate in themselves.
Pushing the unrealistic ideal of what they consider beauty.


What do you think of this image?
I don’t know about you but I see a happy and beautiful woman, comfortable in her skin.


What about here?

I fully believe all women are beautiful in any shape or form.
So often I read stories of plus size women being called awful names or thinner woman being told to ‘eat a sandwich’.

Body shaming is not OK.

Calling a person ugly is not OK.

Underhanded ‘compliments’ are not OK.

Everywhere I look I see beauty.


Feeling beautiful is not about what you wear or the makeup you put on – but its how you feel inside.

When you feel beautiful inside it will show on the outside….what you wear and your make up just accentuate your beauty.

I am not going to sit here and tell you what I think is beautiful – because there is no one thing.
To me everyone is beautiful in their own special way.

All bodies have the right to be loved by their owners, people do not have the right to body shame.

If you can write this on a post it and stick to your mirror –

“I am grateful for my healthy body”

“I love and accept myself right now”


Beauty comes in many forms – regardless of what we are led to believe.
Embrace how incredible you are – don’t let other people’s opinions change who you are.
Embrace the way you look
Embrace you imperfections
Embrace your size, shape and height

Embrace who you are.



Embrace your body

Yesterday my daughter burst into tears.

She said ‘mummy I have a fat bottom’

I was floored.
My beautiful 5 year old girl thinks she is fat.

This breaks my heart in so many ways.

My baby girl is already worrying about how she looks – at 5


(I caught her in a moment of calm thoughts today)
I look at her here and I wonder what is going through her innocent mind.
It is not right for anyone – let alone a young child to think they aren’t good enough or pretty enough.

I try so hard to make her understand – to help her see that she is a beautiful person…friendly, kind, sweet, caring…but somehow looks always find a way of creeping in.

I cannot help but think about why –
We are constantly pumped full of garbage from every form of media outlet… For example


(All images courtesy of Google search engine)

OK – the top two are bratz dolls.
These dolls are scary – they are entirely unrealistic.
Just yesterday I discovered something about them…


Clean them up and they look positively normal.
Am I wrong in thinking that the original bratz doll kind of looks like a glamour model?! Tiny clothes, massive heels, a lot of makeup.
I don’t know about you but if I was a young girl – this kind of example would make me question why I don’t look like that…you know?!

As for the padded bra (which is for 6-7 year olds by the way) don’t even get me started!! I will rant all night about it.

Let me just say one thing – my boobs appeared almost over night when I was like 12/13 I went from nothing to rather big 😂 and my mum refused to believe I needed one….it took me months of begging and persuasion on my part!
So trust me I will not be indulging in that ridiculous almost sexualisation of children – I will not buy into how the shops think children should look.
My children will enjoy their childhood – none of this rushing through life.

Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with my girls playing with make up, dressing up, wearing me heels – I think it’s all part of growing up – we have all done it.
But what I can’t condone is putting so much emphasis on looks and forgetting about what’s more important –
Love, learning, intelligence, personality, heart, kindness, empathy.

When you shine from the inside, you sparkle on the outside.

Teach our children how important if is to be who you are – not to squeeze into the media’s mold.

When you smile inside, it shows on you face.

Everyone has beauty within them – show it to the world.
Don’t be afraid my love –
Fitting in is over rated 😉

Show the world your stars


One+four=life – nice day for a white wedding


Hey guys,

I am a day late with my usual Sunday blog post – but yesterday was a tiring one…we traveled to Oxford early morning Saturday for a wedding, then came back yesterday… Safe to say we returned in an exhausted condition 💤

So I push back my posts to today.

As you know I am joining in with isabel who has taken over the link up 😊


1. Beautiful wedding –
So we got to attend the wedding of one of Hubby’s oldest and closest friends.
He has been through some tough times over the last few years – and for us to see him so happy was amazing.


2. More Pinterest crafts –
Oh I just can’t help myself! I don’t even think I have a good explanation for this obsession of mine…. Next I will be posting pictures of salad in mason jars lol!
These little bookites are super cute though 💜


3. Retro sweets –
You know I never thought I would be sitting here describing sweets from my childhood as ‘retro’ but hey-ho!
I will admit these were initially brought as a prop for photographic purposes – but then I decided to read said love hearts…and discovered ‘Skype me’ and ‘chase me’ when did love hearts go from adorable to serious?! And ‘Skype me’ really?!


4. Feeling fruity –
You know when you get an idea in your head and it just pushes itself to the front of your brain until you give in and try it?!
No, just me then!
This was my idea to freeze fruit in ice cubes – mainly for photographic purposes again, but I also discovered how great it is for teething bubba’s which I have right now!
When it doubt…freeze it 😊

Well, that was my week and my four.
How was your week?

Before I scoot off just one more photo from the wedding..


Have a good one,


Laughter is the best medicine

It occurs to me we are half way through the 31 day challenge – I just wish I hadn’t missed so many prompts 😢

You know the days where everything else pulls your focus?!
Well I have had a bunch of them!
From coughs and colds to teething – the joys of childhood ills eh?!

Let’s get cracking with today’s free write shall we?


I remember the first time I heard it.
The first time my children laughed.

The sound swelled my heart – filled my ears with the beautiful sound of happiness.


That first laugh always made me laugh – the sound, so adorably high pitched…gave me confidence I was doing something right.

I know what makes them laugh, and I use it daily!
The tickle monster!
Chasing them
The sound of a child’s laughter fills my world with happy.


There was a time where I didn’t feel like laughing, like I didn’t deserve it.
But they say laughter is the best medicine.
So I allow myself to be happy –
To giggle, snigger, titter, or tear inducing belly laughter.

That kind of laughter where just can’t stop…when you just can’t breathe.
That is the best medicine.


How many times have you done this 👆
As a child…oh so much!
As an adult…not as much as I should.

When your feeling like today is a rough day – find something that makes you laugh.
Or better yet listen to a child’s laughter…trust me it has the ability to lift the spirits even when you don’t feel like it.

Laughter sounds better than silence