Are you calling out?

Hey y’all!

It’s October… October!!! (Imagine me saying the second one really slowly)
It’s terrifying how fast his year has gone.
Although it does mean we are creeping into autumn..woolly jumpers, crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice latte 👏😊

Alrighty, here goes my first year trying a month of –


This is going to be such fun, I can’t wait 😊

Here goes day one – calling

The word calling automatically makes me think about phones.
But my mind decided on something else.

When you are hurting do you call out for help?
I know I am not so good with the words in asking for help – but I call out in other ways.
My friend said once that she could remember when we were having a text conversation she could tell that I was asking for help without me saying the words.

I find it amazing how we can hypothetically call out.
With our demeanour and facial expressions.
A hurting heart has the surprising ability to express itself.

I try to not shut myself off anymore.
I have found talking has sort of become a calling for me so to speak.
Expressing how I feel to those who feel the same is incredibly fulfilling.

I hope to continue calling out to those in need.
To continue helping those who are calling out without the words.
To make sure I never close down to the point of not calling out for help.




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