Capture a moment


Hey y’all!

It’s the freaking weekend πŸ‘

Not only that it’s day 3 f the 31 free writing challenge.
I am really enjoying this challenge – its such fun to write a post with just a one word prompt 😊

Here goes with today – capture

I spend my days capturing moments
Storing them as forever moments on CDs and in albums


I don’t want to miss a moment, a milestone, a memory.

I think not having many captured memories of my dad – I wanted to be sure that my family has plenty of moments and memories to look back on


This is one of the only captured memories from my early childhood.

I feel if we capture as many moments as we can, we won’t miss anything. We won’t regret the lost moments if we just *click* take a picture.

A moment captured is a memory for life.
A moment captured is there to look back and smile on.
A moment captured is forever.
A moment captured will stay in your heart and imprint on your mind.


I keep my camera by my side in order to capture every detail of my babies growing.
They fill my heart with joy and I want to remember every piece of their childhood.

Let’s capture memories, moments and joy today



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