Domestic violence awareness – purple


Every time I turn on the news there is a story about domestic violence – either its aftermath or damaging effects.
I have never personally known anyone who has suffered with domestic violence – but I know how important it is that this taboo subject get put out there.

It has devastating effects to family, children and friends – but mostly what needs to end is the heartbreaking physical, emotional and mental pain that people go through.

81% of women and 19% men suffer at the hands of domestic violence in the UK.

25% of children in the UK have been exposed to domestic abuse in the home

Just the thought of any one suffering at the hands of domestic abusers breaks my heart.
I feel physically sick knowing that people suffer in silence –

But how can we end it?

I wish there was some magic way to fix it. I really do.

We need a strong response from the police – I don’t agree with ‘unless they hurt you, there is nothing we can do’ policy.
Women deserve protection.
Children deserve protection.
We shouldn’t wait until something bad happens before action is taken.

Public awareness is needed, particularly with young adults and children.
More trained professionals are needed.

But more than anything it needs to be talked about.

Help raise awareness for domestic abuse.
Wear the purple ribbon

For more information or help visit



5 thoughts on “Domestic violence awareness – purple

  1. I’m so glad that you’re writing about this! I wrote about Intimate Partner Violence last week, which includes domestic violence as one of several forms of IPV. Unfortunately, Domestic Violence Awareness Month is overshadowed by Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While breast cancer affects 1 in 6 women, domestic violence affects a larger number of both women and men.

    I do have a question about your statistics, though. Are those global numbers? I’m from the US, where 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men experience at least one form of IPV in their lifetime. Those are obviously still horribly high numbers, but not quite the same as 81% of women experiencing domestic violence.


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