Inspirational women – a weekly roundup


I have discovered just lately that due to me involving myself in a few monthly challenges – I have been neglecting my usual posts.
Even wordless Wednesday!!

Also I feel that I have been neglecting myself – just kind of trying to fit way too much in then watching it all spill over the edges due to overflowing – causing me to have a couple of dreaded relapse days, into the dark.

But before I worry anyone, I am OK.

You know how my camera is like my lifeline, like an extra limb?! Well it appears to be broken – and I know it is a material thing, I am incredibly heartbroken.
It was my first helpful outlet that I used back in early 2013 to help me through my PPD – by looking for all the beauty around me.

So I am currently trying everything I can to fix it…YouTube tutorials and all.

That’s a quick roundup of my ‘life’ this week.

But I want to talk of more important things, close to my heart this week.
I want to share 3 inspirational female bloggers with you today – all incredible, beautiful women with sharing hearts.

1. Anastasia Sproull


OK so I have talked about Anastasia on a number of occasions – let’s face it I love her 😊
Here is why – she is not afraid to put herself out there – she is freaking fierce.
A recent post on her blog here talks about how her ‘numbers’ don’t define her – what’s great is that so many if us can learn a lot from this post – numbers don’t define us (in particular for me the number on the scale ).
But let me be honest with you for a sec…
Every word she speaks gives me more confidence to be myself.
Every post of hers I read has the ability to make me nod in agreement – I practically want to jump up and down shouting ‘YES!’ (Not in the ‘when harry met Sally’s’ way though)
She gives hope to those suffering with eating disorders that there is a light at the end of what seems like a dark, spiralling tunnel.
She gives me hope that I can a be a badass chick
She helps others be more confident in who they are and in their own skin.

She is raw, honest and open.
She gives me courage to be myself and kick self loathing to the curb

She inspires me because she speaks how I feel about things.
If I can be half the awesome as she is I will be a happy, confident girl.

2. Rashae Pope


This girl right here is strong.
She has courage and bravery in spades.
Awesomeness runs through her veins.

Just recently she published a post – here
It took so much courage to write let alone publish.

It’s a letter to her rapist.

It is open. It is honest. It is raw. It is real.

I am surrounded by incredible sadness that this has happened to her – but I am also filled with intense pride in her ability to face it head on.
I think in this situation it is so easy to blame yourself.

She is not a victim. She is a survivor.

Rashae, I want you to know that I glow with pride at how incredible you are.
You are so wise beyond your years.
Your courage astounds me, and girl I take my hat off to you.
You give courage to those who are suffering in silence. You are living proof that you are not defined by unimaginable things that happen to people.
I just wish that this hadn’t happened to you – when I read your post my heart shattered into a thousand splinters – and tears flowed for seemed like forever.
Just know that I love you.
You inspire me to be strong and brave.
You have a friend in me (just across the ocean) don’t forget that.

3. Heather Jabornik


(Photo credits J R Mahon)
Let me just start off by saying that she is a kick ass lady!
Case in point – her most recent post here is about her outdoor boudoir shoot!
Now let me tell you – I would need to incredibly drunk to have enough courage to that – hats off to you gorgeous!

She proves me that all dreams are important (no matter how small) and to follow those dreams.

She oozes courage, strength and all round rock and roll attitude.
She has struggled through barriers and broken down walks of depression in the past, but doesn’t let that define her.

She is an encourager.
She is proof that you don’t need a soul crushing 9-5 job.
To really live, do what you love.
Discover and reach for your dreams.
She is doing what fills her with joy.
She has made room in her for the more important things – her once muted dreams that are now on full volume.

Where she used to take care of other people and their problems and emotions, often forgetting about her own self care – she has become brave enough to allow her own emotions to play out, without fearing them.
She has vulnerability – and this makes her incredibly strong and I am always proud of those who don’t fear vulnerability.

She shows people that they matter.

She has an infectious personality and a beautiful soul.
She has a heart of gold.
She is bold and beautiful.
A stunning representation of dreams being put into action.

These are 3 incredible, inspirational women.

Who inspires you?



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