One+four=life – anyone for a crochet egg basket?


It’s been an eventful week – full of the usual crazy kid stuff 😊
With some baking and crochet thrown in for good measure.



Lemon drizzle cake –
So let me give you background to this weeks bake – last week I found a recipe on Pinterest for a lemon and blueberry cake. I baked it and it was a whole new level of disgusting…hubby said “what were you thinking?!” I was like don’t blame me, blame Pinterest 😂
So I decided to go classic this week, and hubby ate 2 slices in one sitting – charlotte 1 Pinterest 0!
When life gives you lemons, make a lemon cake….without the blueberry’s!



You all know I am a sucker for artistic photography.
This week was no exception. I just can’t resist trying something new, taking my photography in a different direction… I took this in colour but edited to black and white. There is something about it that draws me in – you see the feet but then notice the reflection – plus little toes are the cutest!



How cute is this egg basket?!
Let me explain – you all know I take part in Fat mum Slim’s photo a day challenge right..well this next few weeks is basically running through the alphabet. We got to E and I was stumped, I wanted an original idea. So I went on YouTube and whipped up this little cutie – purely for photographic purposes. But fiddly but worth it.
Plus you can use it for anything – so I might make more 😊



Last but certainly not least, I am finding myself surrounded by the colours of autumn in an almost daily basis – and I am determined not to miss out on the wonderful autumn joys this year – so expect more photos on the subject.
I am ready to start documenting the changes that come with the seasonal change.

That’s my four but before I go I did a small photo shoot of my nephew last week and thought I would share some with you – this is kielan


Have a great one lovelies,


One thought on “One+four=life – anyone for a crochet egg basket?

  1. I love these photos, Chatlotte! The lemon cake looks yummy! I make a yoghurt, lemon and blueberry loaf which goes down s treat here. Maybe the yoghurt was the missing ingredient!


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