Laughter is the best medicine

It occurs to me we are half way through the 31 day challenge – I just wish I hadn’t missed so many prompts 😢

You know the days where everything else pulls your focus?!
Well I have had a bunch of them!
From coughs and colds to teething – the joys of childhood ills eh?!

Let’s get cracking with today’s free write shall we?


I remember the first time I heard it.
The first time my children laughed.

The sound swelled my heart – filled my ears with the beautiful sound of happiness.


That first laugh always made me laugh – the sound, so adorably high pitched…gave me confidence I was doing something right.

I know what makes them laugh, and I use it daily!
The tickle monster!
Chasing them
The sound of a child’s laughter fills my world with happy.


There was a time where I didn’t feel like laughing, like I didn’t deserve it.
But they say laughter is the best medicine.
So I allow myself to be happy –
To giggle, snigger, titter, or tear inducing belly laughter.

That kind of laughter where just can’t stop…when you just can’t breathe.
That is the best medicine.


How many times have you done this 👆
As a child…oh so much!
As an adult…not as much as I should.

When your feeling like today is a rough day – find something that makes you laugh.
Or better yet listen to a child’s laughter…trust me it has the ability to lift the spirits even when you don’t feel like it.

Laughter sounds better than silence



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