Embrace your body

Yesterday my daughter burst into tears.

She said ‘mummy I have a fat bottom’

I was floored.
My beautiful 5 year old girl thinks she is fat.

This breaks my heart in so many ways.

My baby girl is already worrying about how she looks – at 5


(I caught her in a moment of calm thoughts today)
I look at her here and I wonder what is going through her innocent mind.
It is not right for anyone – let alone a young child to think they aren’t good enough or pretty enough.

I try so hard to make her understand – to help her see that she is a beautiful person…friendly, kind, sweet, caring…but somehow looks always find a way of creeping in.

I cannot help but think about why –
We are constantly pumped full of garbage from every form of media outlet… For example


(All images courtesy of Google search engine)

OK – the top two are bratz dolls.
These dolls are scary – they are entirely unrealistic.
Just yesterday I discovered something about them…


Clean them up and they look positively normal.
Am I wrong in thinking that the original bratz doll kind of looks like a glamour model?! Tiny clothes, massive heels, a lot of makeup.
I don’t know about you but if I was a young girl – this kind of example would make me question why I don’t look like that…you know?!

As for the padded bra (which is for 6-7 year olds by the way) don’t even get me started!! I will rant all night about it.

Let me just say one thing – my boobs appeared almost over night when I was like 12/13 I went from nothing to rather big 😂 and my mum refused to believe I needed one….it took me months of begging and persuasion on my part!
So trust me I will not be indulging in that ridiculous almost sexualisation of children – I will not buy into how the shops think children should look.
My children will enjoy their childhood – none of this rushing through life.

Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with my girls playing with make up, dressing up, wearing me heels – I think it’s all part of growing up – we have all done it.
But what I can’t condone is putting so much emphasis on looks and forgetting about what’s more important –
Love, learning, intelligence, personality, heart, kindness, empathy.

When you shine from the inside, you sparkle on the outside.

Teach our children how important if is to be who you are – not to squeeze into the media’s mold.

When you smile inside, it shows on you face.

Everyone has beauty within them – show it to the world.
Don’t be afraid my love –
Fitting in is over rated 😉

Show the world your stars



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