One+four = life – old leaves, newborns and kissy faces


It’s time to say hello to the beginning of another week…and its the half term holidays…which I like, but I don’t (all you mama’s will understand what I mean!)
So expect a lot of indoor activities in next weeks one+four 😊

As per I am joining in with Isabel and the one+four link up.

This week has been quite interesting, there have been a few ‘firsts’ for James – which I will get to in a minute 😊


1. Kissy faces –
I am rather proud to say that I taught James a new trick this week…now usually when I put him down to sleep I blow him a kiss..he has just started to copy my and doing it back 😊 because apparently he doesn’t melt my heart already! Darn his cuteness 😊 its almost as if he knows how to wrap me around his finger…💜


2. Old leaves –
Alright I know I am always taking about autumn right now…but come on who doesn’t love jumping in leaves, throwing them in the air and generally admiring their crunchiness?!
My name is charlotte and I am addicted to crunchy leaves..there I said it 😊
Also we gathered some up to do some leaf art 😊


3. Newborns –
Now don’t worry I have gone loopy and had a fourth child…yikes even joking about makes me shiver 😂
No, no a friend of mine had a little boy a week ago – and naturally I had to a) drop off some of James’s old stuff and b) go and coo over said baby.
Now let me tell you I am one of those people for whom babies are their kryptonite – I just wish the baby stage lasted longer!
Look at my boy here next to little Norm – he doesn’t look like a baby anymore 😢
One thing I should mention – James tried to sit on Norm just after I took this picture… I think he was trying to tell him off for stealing his mama lol!


4. Quirky habits –
I have always known I like collecting beach pebbles/stones – its not exactly something secret 😊
But having just found more of them in one of my drawers upstairs I realised its almost a habit.
In fact I always bring a piece of the beach home with me – which also showed me that I love the beach more than I thought!
Above is just one small jar of them 😊
Do you have a quirky habit/collection?

Have a great week lovelies

I will try 😊 yikes!



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