Hello December


OK how has a year gone by already?
I feel as though I have been asleep for most if it!
I admit I do like December.. If it didn’t rain so much it would be favourite month.

So we are sneaking closer toward the end of the year, which is quite scary…although it has made me want to set myself some goals for the month.

Today that’s my plan – to set goals.
I also plan on sort of rounding up last month –
Oh yes and I have decided to do a 101 in 1001 list – so keep your eyes peeled for that later on šŸ˜Š

November has been an interesting month personally.

I have come to certain realisations about myself and how I try to control myself.
How I talk about body image being an incredibly important issue – and greatly struggle with my own.
I will not stop writing and talking about the importance of self love, body image and needing to embrace who you are – but I need to work on my own.

Goal #1 – embrace who I am. Be more positive about myself. Love who I am. Be able to look at myself in the mirror.

This is a big goal.
This is most definitely something I don’t take lightly.
It is a daily struggle – but it is something I always fought with.
I don’t think a day has gone by where I haven’t had negative things to say about myself.

Goal #2 – be more positive. Hold back my negative thoughts and feelings. When someone compliments me – take it and don’t retort with something negative about myself.

When I support others I am strong.
When I give advice I am strong.
When I face my own troubles I am weak.
When I try to heed my own advice I am weak.
I need to heed what I read.

Goal #3 – heed my own advice. Listen to my own thoughts.

These goals are all things I want to work on during the next year.
To become a stronger person.
To become a more rounded and outwardly happy person.
To get my stuff together..so to speak šŸ˜Š

Alright that’s the big goals out the way, here are my little goals –

1. Finish my granny square blanket
2. Make a mood blanket (more details later)
3. Take more time for myself – paint my nails, get a haircut etc
4. Do 365 days of blogilates
5. Try harder to eat healthier – like I said I am pants at taking care of myself – I either don’t eat or I eat junk.
6. Buy myself a coat – OK this sounds stupid but hear me out – I have been meaning to get one for 3 years but I never have any money, and when I do I use it to get the kids what they need…I am not one for putting myself first..or second for that matter.

Here is a quick peak at how goal #1 is progres



g –

Probably about 5 more rows to go and we should be done šŸ˜Š

What are your goals for the upcoming year?

Before I head off I want to talk


about this –

This is Amy Schumer posing (pretty much) nude for the new pirelli calendar.
This is the ultimate in body positivity.

Now this particular calendar is pretty much renowned for its use of topless models.

But the series of images for next years calendar are showing body positivity in an amazingly honest and open way.
This woman right here is showing how its OK to share your natural, real beauty with the world.
You can tell she has a good relationship with her body, because instead trying to hide her tummy – as I would be doing – she is embracing her curves and embracing her body.


This quote right here is now one of many reasons that she is a body positive role model for me.

Amy, don’t ever stop being the amazing, positive and confidence booster that you are.

You are beautiful – inside and out.
You are the kind of role model I needed growing up.
The kind of role model I will be keeping in my life now.
I need some of your confidence – your ability to love who you are is just awesome.




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