Inspirational Women – body positive campaigns

Body positive campaigns are something I am fully behind.
There should be more of them out there.
We need to spread the words ‘body positivity’ around like wild fire.

One woman spreading the word on body positivity is Silvana Denker.


She is a plus size model and photographer from Germany.
She began her campaign #bodylove in October, in order to spread the importance of body acceptance and that all sizes are beautiful.. Yes!
This last weekend, she took her campaign to the streets of Germany


She came up with the idea after realising just how much retouching occurs in photographs for editorial campaigns – both those she is in and those she takes.
She wanted to show the diversity of the human body


There is not one perfect body.
This campaign helps highlight a more realistic existence than that of image alterations


Not only women, but men are featured in this campaign!

I for one am happy about this – because we must remember that men struggle with body positivity too.
The media portray the importance of six packs and muscles on men.
They too struggle on a daily basis with the onslaught of ‘perfect bodies’ thrown our way.
I am behind her campaign 100%

What’s underneath campaign – by stylelikeu

This is a wonderful campaign.
They have a channel on YouTube.
Where they ask a select group of people to take part in a project – they will remove their clothes to honour how style is not the clothes you wear but comfort in your own skin.


On their website here they share stories of fighters and survivors.
The stories are incredible and life affirming.
It’s an incredibly positive campaign.

Bravo to the ladies behind it.

#lessismore –


This was began by a hashtag which was part of a petition started by eating disorder survivor, Erin Treloar.
Started, in order to expose the fashion industries reliance on Photoshop to create almost unrealistic images of perfection..and asks magazines to reduce their usage of it.
She is also CEO and founder of raw beauty talks which is an outlet to help girls to find their own body confidence and to love their bodies.

This is just a handful of body positive campaigns –
If you know of anymore, please send them my way 😊

Body positivity for the win!


5 thoughts on “Inspirational Women – body positive campaigns

  1. Body positivity is so important! All of these campaigns sound amazing. Celebrating diversity in beauty is a wonderful thing.

    I’m not opposed to retouching photos in general, BUT I wish it was restricted to things like stray hairs or lighting or other little things. And more openness about retouching would be great. Many years ago, either in Seventeen or in CosmoGirl, the editor had her own fashion shoot for a new headshot. She described her professional hair and makeup, plus included a before and after photo, pointing out in detail each retouched part of the after image. I loved her transparency!

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