FMF – your choice

This is going to be fun!!
Last five minute Friday of the year ☺ and we get to choose our own word!!
Is it weird that this makes me ridiculously excited?! πŸŽ‰

So for the final time in 2015 I am joining in with Kate and her wonderful linkup.

The end if the year looming fills me with a sense of dread and happiness…a big old bowl of weird feelings 😢

Anyway, my choice of word for today’s prompt is – kindness
A nice one to end the year on ☺


Ready, set, go.

I am going to share a pet peeve with you.

I got to the supermarket today, and went to park in a parent and child know as you do.
Only for it be whipped out from under me by someone who didn’t need it..i was so mad I shouted out through the window at her.
After turning my car around, a gentleman saw I had 2 kids in my car and moved from his space for me to have it.

I was so thankful for that small act of kindness and generosity.
Were it not for him I would have had to park far away from the store and lug my 2 children across the car park, dodging cars.

Just yesterday a friend of ours handed my husband an envelope – I don’t need to tell you what was in it – but the kind act of generosity overwhelmed me to tears.
Just knowing that people think about us fills my heart with so much warmth.


Kindness is so important.

In today’s world it is rather popular to look after yourself – ‘taking care of number 1’ they say over here.

I like to put my heart and soul into giving kind words to others.
Little acts of kindness can go such a long way.
We don’t know what struggles people may be enduring..a listening ear can be appreciated.
We don’t know what worries and hurt are beneath the surface…a warm, kind hug can help.
If someone needs to cry, let them and be the tissue they need.

Be the sparkle in someone’s day.
The rainbow in their grey cloud of emotion.
The sunlight after the rain.


Be kind.
Kindness will make someone’s day.
It made mine.
It added some glitter to my day.


Have yourselves a good day,



4 thoughts on “FMF – your choice

  1. Kindness changes everything, and your post just motivated me to write a note in my daughter’s lunch (which she forgot). We had a terrible morning which left me in tears. I am tempted to stay angry and tell God all the ways she wrecked my day. But the truth is, I need to stuff a kind note in her bag and take her lunch to her anyway—despite how I feel. Thank you for the reminder to be kind. Ever grateful.

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