T@T – trust

So it has been a stunningly bad week this week –

My anxiety levels are through the roof, I am struggling with my appearance on not only daily but nightly levels – yup I am dreaming about it now too.
The weather has gone from rain to snow in a matter of days..and Bella being her extra clumsy self, fell down some steps at school and got a black eye! 😒

All things considered I am lucky to be able to pull myself up, dust myself off and try to carry on.

Not to be completely full of sad news today – James is really coming along with his talking..although still lazy with the walking 😊 and Ariana will be starting preschool soon…time really flies by.

Oh and with news on her eyes, we have a second appointment with an eye doctor next week – to determine the severity of her visual impairment.. Finally!

Alrighty, on with this weeks Tuesday at ten.
As you know I am joining in with Karen and the linkup

This weeks prompt is trust


A small word
A simple word
A powerful word

It is a word that by all accounts should be easy.
But many people struggle to withhold it.

In friendships you need trust to thrive.
When the trust is broken, friendships often go with if.

In relationships you need trust to survive.
Without it there is no relationship.

In day to day life you need to trust in yourself.
You need to trust in your strength and your abilities.

Trust in your ability to speak up and stand up for yourself.
Trust in your strength to be able to stand up for others.


Know that you are good enough.
Trust that have strength in spades.
Know that you are braver than you know.
Trust in your instincts.
Know that you have courage.
Trust in yourself.

Others may break your trust, causing you to struggle with connecting with other people.
But do not break the connection between you and trust.

You may not feel if today..or tomorrow
But trust will never leave you.

When you decide something for yourself instead of following the crowd – that my dear is trusting in yourself.

When you feel anxious about going out alone – and yet you still go
That is trusting in yourself.

You trust that you can – you know that you can.

Maintain trust in yourself with little moments of bravery and personal strength.

Trust that you are amazing, because you are.
Trust that you can, because I believe you can.
Trust in yourself, because you are worthy of it.



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