FMF – Quiet


It’s that time of the week again…fri-yay 😊
Before I get started I thought you might like to see how miss Ariana looks in her new glasses –


To be honest I thought she would be constantly whipping them off her face, but so far they have remained where I put them.
Which makes me think the must be helping her 😊 she has been so good through all of this. My big girl.

As you know, I am joining in with five minute Friday – my favourite part of the week where we have five minutes of free writing.
Make sure to check out kate and her linkup

This weeks prompt is – Quiet

Ready, set, go

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog will know I am an introvert.

I enjoy quiet, in fact most of the time I need it.
Which is kind of tricky when you have 3 children under 6.

I have to make sure they all go to bed at the same time, because I need time alone.
I am aware of how selfish this sounds – but those of us who are introverts will know exactly how I feel.

It’s hard enough being in groups of people, but when you add too much noise to the mix it can sometimes tip me over the edge.


I just need moments to step back and just be quiet, you know?!

But in the quiet of the night I can quietly reflect, and switch my brain off – silencing my thoughts.

Because there is quiet and then there is qquuiieett 😊 extra letters mean extra quiet.

Right now it’s 19.30pm and the kids are in bed.

Which means its my quiet time 😊



2 thoughts on “FMF – Quiet

  1. Stopping go by from FMF. Like you, I also am introverted and love the quiet. Unlike you, it’s been a long time since I’ve had littles under my feet…mine are 25 and 16 now. I can remember being so purposeful about putting them into bed at a fixed bedtime so that I could chill.
    Your little girl is beautiful!!! Be blessed.

    ~#117 this wk

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