The woman who loves pregnancy

This last weekend I attended a day spa with some friends.
It could possibly be the first time I have been child free in 5 years.

Yes, before you ask we left the children with the Hubby’s.
Which meant 4 men took care of 8 children.

I should feel bad for them…OK well maybe I shouldn’t!
That half a day for them was a mere taste of everyday motherhood for us.
Am I right?!


But I am not here to discuss the ‘perks’ of being a stay at home mum.

When we were all sat having lunch, we got onto the topic of pregnancy/childbirth – you know as I am pretty sure most mums do at some point right?

And I started talking about James and how I have been saying lately that I probably won’t have any more children..mainly due to lack of space.

But then I said ‘…I am not sure if he is my last because I haven’t had a chance to mourn pregnancy..’
At which point I was given a look of ‘what??’

Well I am one of those people that enjoys being pregnant..boy did that get a look of incredulity 😂
I am also pretty sure that those reading this are scratching their heads right now.

Speak to most women (not all) and they will tell you horror stories of their own pregnancy – morning sickness, weak bladder, varicose veins, constipation… I know I am really selling it 😂

Not everyone suffers badly during pregnancy.

In fact the only downside for me was sciatica.

Going for scans and seeing the baby growing and moving was amazing.
Listening to the sound of the little ones heart beating always brightened my day.

Most of all I enjoyed the feeling of baby kicking and squirming.

During my last 2 pregnancies I documented my bump growth each week – I only took one picture when pregnant with Bella..not sure why!


38 weeks with James (pink) and 39 weeks with Ariana (black)

As I sit here thinking about my pregnancies I actually miss it.
Don’t worry though I am not going be one of those women you read about who has like 20 kids.
I love being pregnant but not that much 😊

There is something about being able to grow a baby that makes me feel amazing.
It’s kind of like a superpower 😊

But tell me, if you are a mum did you enjoy pregnancy or not?

If you aren’t a mum is there something you love that makes people look at you with incredulity?

I would like to know if I am the only one…that lone crazy lady 👌

But just so you know I have a feeling James might not be my last child… Watch this space!



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