T@T – surround

So did you all have a weekend?

Apart from cold and a disappearing hubby (he went metal detecting for 5 hours!) it wasn’t so bad.
Although James is at a stage of screaming (a lot) right now which brought me to my breaking point yesterday.

But that’s enough about exciting weekend fun 😒 its Monday 😞
And we are being battered by storm Imogen… Which means strong wind, rain and flooding and hail stones joy!

I seriously nearly got blown off the road in my car today!

Anyway enough about my exciting weekend lol!


I am playing catch up with Tuesday at ten.
Joining in with Karen and her linkup

This weeks word – surround

Would you agree that it is important to surround yourself with positive people?
Those that build you up rather than tear you down?

I do.
I spent a vast amount of my life surrounded by those who strive to tear people down, I know how it feels.

When you spend so much time around negativity and hurtful words, it makes you feel negative.
It puts you into darkness.


In order to stay out the darkness we need someone to help us with some light.

Positive people are like a burst of light.

They surround you like a snug blanket on a chilly day.

They blanket you with their positivity.

I used to surround myself with people that were bad for me.
The dimmed my light.
Squashed me down until I was barely myself anymore.
I was merely I tiny speck of charlotte.

It took me a long time to realise that it wasn’t me that broke my light, but those I surrounded myself with..they broke me.

I now try to surround myself with lovely people, kind people.
Those who stoke my fire, not put a fire extinguisher to it.
Those who fill me with joy, happiness, confidence, positivity.


Don’t be afraid to surround yourself with good things, you are worth it.
You don’t deserve negativity.
You don’t deserve unkindness.

Be kind to yourself
Surround yourself with the positive
The happy
The joyous
The sparkly
The amazing
The up building

Because you are worth it



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