I miss you.


I hate this time of year.
I know, hate is a strong word.

But I hate this time of year, in the same way I hate motorways.
In fact I hate motorways for the same reason.

In 2 days time it will have been 26 years since we lost you.
26 years since I last saw you.
26 years since I last heard you voice.

26 years.


Every time I think of you my heart breaks.
Not a day goes by where I wish I had known you.
Had the chance to learn from you, to be taught by you.

I know you were strong.

But I never got to know you.

To be a daddy’s little girl.

Soon I will be 30.

You never got to see my milestones.
Walk me down the aisle.
See your grandchildren.

You may have only been in my life a short while, but I miss you everyday.
I will be forever grateful for you being in my life.

My memories are few.
But you are always there, I my heart.

Because of you I have inner strength.
Because of you I know I can be brave.
Because of you I do my best to spread kindness like glitter.

Because of you I am strong.

This week will be hard.
This week will break my heart.
This week is pushing me to my emotional brink.

I miss you. I miss you.



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