Bucket list #34 – make a crochet blanket

I am back with another completed bucket list item woop!!

Last year I took up crochet.
It was something I had wanted to do for a while, but I procrastinated over it.

I had tried knitting (once..) a few years back but I couldn’t get my brain around all of the casting on and stuff…it made my brain kind of implode!

When I first tried crochet I was taught by a friend who unfortunately got her stitches mixed up…so things didn’t quite take the right shape.
At this point I gave up.

6 months later we got broadband in our house (yay!) so I was able to watch YouTube videos.

I discovered Bella Coco’s crochet tutorials (view here)
And the rest is history….


My first project was the blanket top left.
I made it for a friends newborn girl last year 😊

Then I had the genius idea to make a blanket out of granny squares…it took me about 6 months to make…I finished it in January (bottom left)

It is a great way to calm my mind.
I have several projects going right now too.

I started a mood blanket for this year…which I can already tell is going to be huge…because it is essentially crocheting a square for everyday.. So imagine 365 squares put together eek!


These are a few more of my projects..
A bunny for a newborn
A rose book mark
Pom-pom border
Dolls clothes

But I think it is safe to say I can cross off making a crochet blanket √

I will keep you posted on future projects 😊



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