I am…

Hello Monday!!

I would say happy Monday… But who likes Mondays?!

I am really late with this weeks Tuesday at ten, so I am going to squeeze it in now 😊
Better late than never they say!

This weeks Tuesday at ten prompt is I am..so I am going to take this opportunity to share some things about myself 😊

As usual I am joining in with Karen and her linkup

I am English
I am a red head
I am 30 this year 😒
I am a wife and mother of 3
I am a stay at home mum
I am a Jehovah’s witnesses
I am savoury snack person…crisps, nuts…better than chocolate!
I am a big fan of classic fiction literature
I am sort of a collector of films..from Forrest Gump to the hunger games.
I am not a fan of sci fi movies – I am one of a small percentage who hasn’t seen star wars…and I will keep it that way!
I am in love with vanilla scented candles 😍
I am a collector of notebooks…I love them!
I am against bullying of any kind
I am all for positive body image
I am in love with chocolate and peanut butter!
I am a collector of beach stones, can’t come back from the beach without them!
I am a fan of Marilyn Monroe, ever since seeing some like it hot age 10
I am in love with the 1950’s especially the style back then!
I am a bit of a crime programme addict…ncis, CSI, criminal minds, Sherlock! Yes! I am all over that!
I am an epileptic
I am in recovery from self harm
I am an all day person…basically I can function at all times of the day!
I am addicted to crochet

And finally..
I am a tiny bit in love with photography 😉 in case you didn’t know lol!

That’s a bit about me 😊

Now I am off to bed 😉
Have a good one!


And finally..


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