Catching up

It would seem I have been suffering from writers block!

That frustrating moment where you sit for hours staring at a blank page willing anything to spring to mind..and nothing!

It was like having a brick wall built around my thoughts and creativity.

Quite possibly the worst feeling.

But I think I may be getting my blogging mojo back…

Let’s play a little bit of catch up eh?!

FirstlyΒ  can I just say this year is flying by…and I for one don’t like it!
It’s march…march I tell you.

What bothers me most is everyday I creep closer to 30..I don’t want to be 30 😲
I won’t dwell on this now..keep your eyes peeled for a future post on this delightful occasion *hint* sarcasm *hint*

Now just lately I have been getting my craft on –



I have found that it takes my mind off the debilitating pressures I put on myself.
Often I find my mind racing with the classic ‘you aren’t good enough’ thoughts.
But when I put my mind to work on something crafty it really helps to eliminate the nonsense.

About a week or so back I was getting the kids fed and dressed when out of the blue I was hit by a panic attack.
It was a truly scary moment.

I couldn’t breathe – the pain in my chest and head and jaw was suffocating.
The ironic thing is the pain made me panic even more – which is not great *understatement*
This time within 15 minutes it had subsided.
This time hubby was home.

Last time it lasted 30 minutes.
Last time hubby wasn’t home..and I sat on the floor in my kitchen petrified I was going to die and that my children would have to see it.

I don’t mean to sound dramatic.
But it literally felt like I was going to die.
If you have ever had a panic attack.. You will know exactly what I mean.
It is like having a vice on you ribs/lungs!
Which you can imagine.. Feels awesome!

And on the kid front…
Ariana turns 3 this month..what?!
James finally started walking!
Bella has the attitude of a teenager and she isn’t even 6 yet!

What about you?
How are things with you?



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